Forgiving a Scorpio?

After being a long time lurker I'm finally a member I was reunited with a Scorpio childhood friend of mine whom I haven't seen in over 20 years. We enjoyed each other's company. He was always after me as a girlfriend since grade school through colle

I, a Virgo was reunited with a Scorpio childhood friend. Haven't seen in over 20 years.
Very open Scorpio professing his feelings and a few secrets to me of how he's always adored me (which I already knew. I have a natural opening up affect on Scorps). And I felt the same.
After dating for a month, we find ourselves making out, until I receive a call from my job saying they need me in ASAP. He understood but then asked me a question as to if I "Trust" him. I told him of course, but then he cut his eyes as if that weren't the answer he was searching for? We had to stop the session,finish later on tonight.his words..HE NEVER SHOWED UP. He actually stood me up twice.

That was in September. sicne then I'e stopped talking to him. He's been blowing up my phone and profusely texting me since . Saying I shouldn't ignore him, not to deal with him that way. Then he sent a text in all caps asking WHY ARE YOU F***ING IGNORING ME. PICK UP THE PHONE!! IM SORRY G**D D****IT!! He also left a voice message speaking very calmly saying it would be wise if I called him........but why? It's the problem of agreeing to see me and not showing up. But close friends and family are saying to give him a chance since we grew up together and not to throw away a 20 year friendship.

I'm a Virgo. We're allegedly known to cut things off to where you will never see or hear from us again, and make sure of it. But I'm a little different since I seldom disappeared on people.I'm not sure what to do with him since we have a long extensive history involved
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You two both sound like you’re trying to control each other. You through withholding and punishing and him through erratic emotional demands.

If the dude’s flakiness put you off then call him and tell him that and break ties. Block him if need be. If you wanna build a relationship with him then you’ll have to let go of something that happened a month ago and communicate and work through it. With the way things have developed it doesn’t really seem like being just friends is an option anymore.

Playing hot/cold isn’t really going to get you anywhere. He’ll just reciprocate and you two will be acting beneath your ages.
Erratic demands? I think you misread my post. He is the one who stood me up.Twice. When cordially addressed about the situation, he had no answer.

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