What element would bring the most faithful Venus/Mars combo?

Earth, Fire, Water or Air?
raad182October 17, 2017 8:40pm
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  • Earth, Fire, Water or Air?
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  • INB4 everyone uses their own placements to explain why theirs is
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    I collect experience💨
    male from Arlong Park
    Posted by bittercupcake
    Aquarius venus, Taurus mars.... both fixed.... both equally awesome.


    Aquarius venus provides spontaneity and freedom. You are free to run around and explore the world but come back to our home. Loves to make their partner happy.

    Taurus mars is patient, steady, and has great sexual stamina. Loves to cater and cook you meals. Loves to give sensual massages. Possessive with their lovers and dutiful.

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    I collect experience💨
    male from Arlong Park
    venus and mars in pisces. faithful is my middle name.
  • pagingdrsatan
    i said what i said
    def earth and water combo, like a pisces venus and taurus or cap mars. or, two water signs/two earth signs. you could probably throw in a leo, aries, or aqua venus as well
  • thecrazyariestaurus
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    Posted by nightowl
    leo placements esp venus (loving), taurus mars or venus (loyal), virgo moons (accepting), water maybe pisces suns (deep feelings) and for air..(maybe aquarius, def aquarius suns)

    mostly fixed and two mutubles

    Omg yesss

    My crush has Leo sun and venus, Taurus mars, and Virgo moon 🤔
  • LadyNeptune
    I'm cap mars, Taurus Venus and loyal to a fault.

    Pretty sure factors like upbringing and culture play a role too. Moral code isn't 100% astrology.
  • carrazeda
    Jupiterian ♋
    I'm leo venus and cap mars. I'm not sure if there's a combo more loyal than this. Even before the relationship starts. Although it's more the leo venus "there can only be one queen" mind set than actually loyalty.
  • Scorpio/Taurus combo.
  • Taurus Venus with Scorpio mars.

    Not saying they won't be insane, border line serial killers, but on the bright side they are likely to get addicted to you and only you. By that i mean share all their insanity and pain witj that one special person they love the most. If they truly love you.
  • Venus in Taurus - Loyal AF
    Mars in Cancer - Taking care of you until they die
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