Cap men are Kings

By stillstillwaterAugust 5, 2018 8:40pm — 52 replies
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who said caps aren't affectionate?
https www youtube com watch v 8vrbxradl7g
How does it make you cappies feel
when someone pulls a you on you for example you capricorn distance yourself because you actually start to catch feelings for a certain someone and you aren t really wanting anything serious atm so you start to create a bit of a distance between th
I need help with this Capricorn Sun, Mars and Venus man!
hope everyone is doing well two months ago i met this guy whos sun is capricorn along with his mars and venus and moon in leo we hit it pretty fast and since the day we met we spent lots and lots of time together almost daily actually we got t
Not getting approached.. Is it a Capricorn Resting Face Thing?
i want to say not all capricorns i know do have a resting face but we generally seem lost in our minds and thoughtful i have a resting face and even in my best moment people ask me if i am mad or even sad i get approached rarely guys and they assume
Are capricorns quick tempered...
or hot headed im new to the anger issue
Cap man holding out
i m a scorpio dating a capricorn we haven t had sex in over a month like 6 weeks should i be worried that he is cheating or is it just a capricorn thing all he does is drink n go right to sleep
Why is this man so freakin lost in the sauce?!
ok god bless him i love him dearly as a friend but damn cap libra moon cap merc venus scorpio gem mars hes good with his job but everything else in life hes such a moaner and little things make him moody and not cap kind of moody where they j
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have you ever liked somebody so much but just held yourself back because you know that youre just doing it all wrong like may be the reasons why you want to talk to this person doesnt match their interest in you and youre just all nonchalant and wa
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