The older I get the harder it is for me to let loose..

By WateryGemMay 25, 2017 2:40am — 28 replies
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so my ex of 2 years tried to follow me on instagram yesterday and then on the way down home from work it surprised me because our relationship started off as really great friends and then we went out we lasted 2 years and we were super affectionate and
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what are some birthday gifts youve loved or would like to receive from a friend
https youtu be j-v-btua xy listen to gemini mitchie rich ft yusuf by mitchie rich np on soundcloud https soundcloud com mitchie-rich gemini-mitchie-rich-ft-yusuf you need this song friend
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no generalizing but from what ive read geminis have a lot of secret affairs when they are with someone again just what i read im sure also their moon sign has a lot to do with it as well are their any geminis here with a earth moon sign
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so a few years ago i was at a house party there was a woman there who at the end of the night made it extremely clear she wanted to have sex with me loudly and explicitly in front of everyone i was at the other end of the house on a different floo
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hi fellow gems how do you deal with your sudden mood changes im on a bit of a low and actually been for the last couple days due to guy problems which at first i thought nothing of how do you get out of being sad and demotivated
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please explain it to me why is gemini season has to do with satan and why are we supposed to fk up everything
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i need to know what would be a great birthday gift for a gemini woman someone that you respect and love like a mother figure thanks in advance ill give you a little background shes simple religious loves cooking hosting meals at home loves
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im a sag male and i have been on and off again with a gem woman for four years we had an immediate attraction to one another since the first day we met we have been practically inseperable until recently we have been to hell and back we have s
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hey everybody i do not have a specific question or a problem i m just writing to share my experience and thoughts so i have been chatting with a guy i met online he seemed a sweet and funny guy he said in his profile that he is perfect man wit