what makes you happy?

By leo48March 18, 2016 1:39pm — 8 replies

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on facebook i think i know who it is how do you find out if you can when they activated their account my profile isnt public only friends can see my stuff i keep getting requests from men and we dont have any mutual friends at all and i
Going crazy
when we stay late into night or stay awake past our usual bedtime we get hyper kind of lose control over things we say and just feel high whyyyyyy no not under the influence of drugs or alcohol or anything just naturally
North Korea sentences US student to 15 years hard labor
for trying to steal a propaganda banner smh he thought that white privilege would work forem all around the world huh lol look at this loser crying like a disgusting whore 50sec mark lmaoooooo
Most underrated countries you've ever been to.
i want to see if my hunch is right im thinking this country looks good in pictures but people hardly ever talk about it i will reveal which country im talking about after ten people have posted their answers here
i was doing some research on acacia because i learnt women like to smoke themselves with it in africa and i found out that dmt is mainly harvested from acacia because it has the highest amounts in its bark apparently so then i found out its not neces
Psychedelic Art Movement
post here your favorite psychedelic artworks im slowly becoming a fan
Ouji boards
real or not syories
To improve productivity, men are offered paid leave to masturbate
bud baxter a director at coexist said as a manager of staff i have seen men really suffer with their blue balls and i have found them doubled over in a lot of pain they feel guilty and ashamed for taking time off and often sit at their desks
Just a stupidly simple questions.
feminism means equality of the sexes right if equalitarian also means the same thing then the following questions come to mind -1 why do we have two different labels for the same ideal goal belief -2 you always see a feminist support trying to
Lolling and hahhaing
i noticed i type lol and hahaha too much in everything i post and its so weird i went through messenger and i read old messages and i sound like a giggling school girl hahaha its also hard for me to not do it feels like the world will end if i don