Homemade Pet Food

Do you cook your pet some food?
33 years old male from USA
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Do you cook your pet some food?
Crusty hooves
I would but my dog prefers raw frog legs with a side of luden's cough drops.
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Omg! Yes, I want to make this for my kitty

It looks delicious

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I have a client who cooks his dog fresh meat everyday. He has a whole fridge of meat apparently(he told me about it when the hurricane was on its way and he was worried he'd have to cook it all) lol. Who has time for that butter?
33 years old male from USA
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I made my dog some chicken and rice when he got into his years. Like at 11 when he had a hard time digesting stuff. He lived to 17 years old.

Boil chicken breast, no salt or seasonings.

Use broth to make the gravy. Add flour.

Boil some rice.

Mix chicken, rice and gravy.

He'd ate that stuff up.
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I'm a taurus girl through and through. I like to laugh and be silly i'm a kid a
I just adopted a senior pit from the shelter about a month ago. She has food allergies, seasonal allergies and I what I believe to be an overgrowth of yeast in her system. With all her health issues I decided to just make her food and treats. I tried chicken and dairy in the beginning both of which would make her flair up and start itching. Right now I do turkey, quinoa, rice lentils and put green veggies, usually collard greens, spinach, parsley and oregano in her food at night. For now I am staying away from any veggies that have a lot of sugar in them since yeast feeds of sugars. After doing a lot of research about getting the yeast out of your system, I have her on a probiotics, salmon and cod liver, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, garlic, activated charcoal and I am getting ready to add enzymes and olive leaf oil to her diet in the next week. I make her turkey meatballs for her treats and I have been able to find a salmon treat (store bought) that she can eat. I also give her an extra meal a few times a week of salmon and rice. So far she is doing really well and everybody has been impressed with how much she has improved in the short time I have had her. I make a batch of her food which lasts for 4 days. It's pricey but so would trying different no grain dog foods. The good once cost a lot and there is no guaranty that she will not react to them.

The shelter was giving her a no grain dry dog food, they gave me the bag when I got her. I actually just tried to give her a scoop for 3 days last week and she was right back to itching and getting a pink rash on her belly. I also just tried making her a pork roast (instead of the turkey) to see if we could switch things up but the same thing happened so for know I am going to stick to the turkey and all her supplements until she is 100% better and then try beef and sweat potatoes and other things.

Oh the things us puppy parents do!! Love those fuzzy kids!
No silicon heaven? Preposterous! Where would all the calculators go?
I did when I had a dog. Turkey mince, rice, veggies and coconut oil for a shiny coat. Nothing but the best for her! 🐶🐶😍😍
I am. Therefore, I have.
yes... i dont really like to give them raw chicken but i do some times. unseasoned chicken, i'd throw some oregano for flea prevention and coconut oil for bacterial/shiny soft coat. with mixed veggies such as green beans, they dont like them lol, and peas. soft carrots. and the occasional dry food on days i dont feel like cooking
lol @ all the dog owners.

I do with my cats on occasion. Usually when I have extra of something. They've also gotten some pumpkin as well to add some fiber to their diets.

So mostly that, chicken or salmon, depending. I'll cut off a tidbit of what I'm making up. They get the salmon raw and I just nuke the chicken in the microwave. They're on a mostly wet food diet so this only happens once in awhile whenever I happen to have extra. The ragdoll is a princess so giving her too much of the "treats" will put her off her regular food.

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So its weird that this popped up because I was just talking to my dog (yes I talk to him) and told him we'll update to better quality food soon, then later on i'll get a chef that can make food for him

He eats purina 1 right now but I'm thinking blue buffalo will be a step up
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Yeah, timing of this thread! I just started experimenting with this for my 2 dogs, one year old & 10 years old. I boiled hamburger, rice, carrot & romaine lettuce. They loved it but my old guy got diarrhea. Maybe the hamburger is too rich? Everyone here seems to do turkey.
My cat is in renal failure.. stage 2. So no. He's on a low protein, prescription diet.
Nope my current dog now he eats what we eat. He loves chilli beef jerky.

My last dog loves spicy food and fish. He was with us for 21 years until we had to put him down
42 years old female
" http://youtu.be/25-JZp0CqsY"
I fee him orijen sometimes/rarely half an egg
42 years old female
" http://youtu.be/25-JZp0CqsY"
My last dog was picki n like cottage cheese on his dry food
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