What do I do now?

By hellosaggySeptember 12, 2017 9:21pm — 12 replies

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long story short i did a tarot reading and the reader told me that shes very sure that the guy i asked about is married to another woman and he has kids i googled him and found out that his public records showed that he does have kids even though his
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i dated a young scorpio man for two months i am 7 years older than he is i am working as a manager in private company and he is working as a barista in a coffee shop i do not look at status of whom ever i will date as long as he is honest and a good
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ive been dating my boyfriend for about 6 months now and i never had an issue with his bff or his roommate that hes very close with the past few weeks his roommate has been acting a bit weird and wouldnt look at me in the eye when i talk to him m
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hey guys im doing research and curious - how did you meet your current bf gf here are the options - online - dating site or forum like this through friends - you both had mutual friends and were introduced through them work- both worked
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hi i have been knowing this virgo man through an online dating app for about four months we texted each other everyday we both living in different city which take about 4hours drive of car to meet each other he showed great interest in the beginning
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why or why not and would you admit it to him her why or why not
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this is about a guy friend i have were good friends close to each other stuff i care about him more than any other random friend so the thing is i called him up yesterday but we couldnt talk much as he was unwell he said hed call me today toda
whats a thing trait about you that someone might consider a dealbreaker
what do you guys think of this incredibly sweet weird or http www straitstimes com asia east-asia man-in-taiwan-gets-engaged-to-pregnant-girlfriend-at-her-funeral man in taiwan gets engaged to pregnant girlfriend at her funeral taipei -