When do you know it's time to let go???

By ViewtifulGemSeptember 4, 2017 9:52pm — 30 replies
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if you where romantically involved with someone like deeply not married but you could have a future with them would you be able to have a threesome or anything like that with them like me for myself the thought of someone else experiencing my own pers
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my taurus gf broke up with me a little over a month ago we fought a lot about ridiculous things and i didnt give her the space she needed she says that we have different values and dreams but i feel that we do i just havent expressed mine or worked
i was in a relationship with a man for a lil over 2yrs we did ldr for about 7-8 months we just reunited in the same city about 3 weeks ago but our sex life has dramatically changed for the worse now he cant maintain an erection as he penetrates me he
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coming up for 1 year and it just gets better everyday i love you mr t
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i met a cancer man 7 months ago we were dating around 1 month we were going good but he feel i started to be serious with him and yes i am cuz he started to draw our future i know it was too fast and we were just broken up with our ex around 6 month
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to get someones attention
Not sure
capricorn broke up with me for different reasons but mainly duo my behavior and wanted to just be friends we couldnt do no contact we went back and forth with it at one point i became annoying and she blocked me on social media then i told her we can be