Thoughts on my 43rd

By beautifulsoul74December 5, 2017 3:40am — 11 replies
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14 year age difference
gemini man is trying to possess me venus in cap ages backward so idk lol all i knew was that he is a gemini he also knew right away that i was a sag seemed pretty pleased with that its his funeral lol we met in improv class i first n
I turned 24 today
and the 34 people invited to my birthday party only 3 are making it out and thats okay i think i prefer this life not compared to my 18th when i held a huge party i think i prefer life this way happy birthday fellow sagx
Hey ya'll it was my web wife's birthday yesterday
saggurl88 sorry i was sick yesterday i couldnt perform my husbandly duties im going to the naughty store to buy some lube for that special thing i do to ya
Happy Bday saggurl88
best wishes and all the good stuff
Who is more risky moon in sagittarius sun or ascendant ?
i would say moon since the moon represents the emotions
My Birthday 2017
i turned 36 yesterday and we buried my grandmother scorpio 11 9 yesterday i was on my way to see her and she died i was 24 hours too late you always hear stories of people dying and youre in transit to see them but i never wanted to join
It's Our Time!!!
sagittarius sun http www youtube com playlist list pl4ipi2x0msx36 5jz0ismxfpnjakmlfut
My best sagittarius friend what would you say what kind of person she is ?
hers sun sagittarius 10th house moon sagittarius 9th house mercury sagittarius 10th house ascendant aquarius mc sagittarius mars aries 1st house venus scorpio 8th house mine sun virgo 9th house moon sagittarius 1st house me
Seriously like wtf. Sagittarius hate 😤
it s the time of sagittarius why can t people appreciate honesty and open communication people always have to feel like someone is lying to them we are evil people have no heart and that all we care about is ourselves news flash nobody give
does anybody else have a major stellium going on in their birth chart my sun jupiter uranus neptune is all in sagittarius and in my second house i heard this is very bad but jupiter in sag and in 2nd house i heard is a very very lucky position