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Giving up on my crush
dead end conversations no signs of interest anybody else giving up on their crush
Susan Dey
the sagittarius woman who has that wholesome good girl feeling she fell in love with david cassidy aries sun aquarius moon virgo mars cancer rising https www astrotheme com astrology david cassidy img http i42 tinypic com 23sup85 jpg
Having feelings for a Sag Woman
i need some advice on a sagittarius girl when we first met each other we used to talk a lot small talk and stuff now every time i try to engage in small talks she say she always disliked them and and say it is pointless she says she likes my wisdom and
Submitted my 1st Book
to a literary agent next step get a publisher for those who care i have been thinking of writing a book for years now never really had an inspiration till recently finally wrote it and submitted it i have a few more submissions to do but
Need some fellow sag insight
i have this sagittarius male friend we started to be friends around 4 months ago i also have another sagittarius friend who is a girl but it doesn t have anything to do with her she s absolutely amazing and says i m the most genuine person she knows
horoscopes Jan to March 2018
hey there sagittarius want to know what adventures 2018 has in store for you ive written some horoscopes to give you a few insights and pointers - running from now until end of march 2018 i very much hope you enjoy http waxlobster blogspo
Any other Saggies in a relationship with a Taurus??
im a 38 year old female sag and he is a 42 year old male taurus
Cheated on sag...what to do?
he has libra moon sag mars venus in aqua its a long story and very messy and i regret it immeasurably the boyfriend likes to bring up me cheating and lying to him and going back on my promises to not hit this guy up said me going back on my wor
Cancer/Sag.. GirlxGirl
hey dxp im trying to bring clarity to this situation i have been talking to this girl for four weeks its really just a budding friendship weve been talking everyday for that time 24 7 sun to sun in the midst of our budding friendship she