And I got her off...

By hellosaggyJanuary 16, 2018 8:00pm — 40 replies
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How do some men overcome cheating
my ex scorp is still living with his wife after she cheated on him and it takes toll on him visibly day by day cancer divorced his wife after he found out about her infidelity because he said whatever you do - it s on the back of your brain and eats
@Arielle. Rejection by someone...
who is much less attractive than you just remembered agreeing on a date with a guy who was shorter than me by 3in though i like men of my height but he was short and he wore cowboy boots with heels and we had lunch and talked and i was just t
Does this Capricorn guy like me and is there a chance ?
we met about a 5 weeks ago whilst travelling and slept together a couple of times at the time i was married and in an open relationship i have since then broke up with my husband and i still have strong feelings for this capricorn i am a cancer sign
My friend who has a girlfriend kissed me again. why?
we are friends not so close but always flirted and stared each other he kissed me even once but right away i learned that he made a relationship one day we were together and talked about all night then he kissed me but i stopped him i asked h
Cancer man Taurus woman
ok i need help i ve had a cancer male friend for 10 years we lost contact but a few months ago started talking again we got really close always talked hung out he stayed the night with me all the time then he stayed at my house with his child for about
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what do you ladies and men do to get over a break up i mean it s tough to move on quick especially when you love the person so any tips what do you usually do to get over it and you know not think about it often
i met this capricorn guy at the office july 2017 we talked but never had a chance to work closer until november by then he would always ask me to have coffe with him treat me only for lunch even if we are with some other workmates this had been a dail
Women that can’t orgasm
hi y all any women here just can t or rarely orgasm at all i m banging this aqua who just doesn t cum she enjoys sex and says she likes having it to please me but it feels selfish as hell and it s not fun to me because part of the fun for havin
The One Thing Women Always Get Wrong About Men
the one thing women always get wrong about men by sabrina alexis i m going to share a story because i find stories to be the best way to illustrate a point years ago i met a guy who i thought was absolutely perfect for me actually i had heard