Why are Sag men like this?

By virgoOPPPApril 27, 2019 9:32pm — 26 replies
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do sag men exude outwardly strong masculine energy in order to hide their deep seated effeminate feminine energy
Is there such a thing as a shy Sag man?
some sources say when a sagittarius man likes you he comes on really strong pursues texts talks and flirts a lot ive experienced this but didnt give the guy a chance because somehow i felt like hes a player lol next other sources say when a
What’s the deal sag men?!
hey i ve been friends acquaintances with a sag man for a couple of years and we can t stop crossing the line story goes we ve slept with each other a few times but neither of us really follow up afterwards even though i d like to i sense he s a
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we started to chat online dating app some 2 weeks ago clicked asap at start he was very flirty and light classical sag man but since we moved to whatsapp he started to be more serious thoughtful and personal we do want to meet soon but 90 miles in
Advice from sagittarius men 
i meet a sagi guy 2 months ago we have been hanging out like friends after a couple of weeks he ask me to go with him to spend the weekend was all about fun and sex all the weekend we were agreed with be friends with benefits what can i expect what
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okay bear with me this is kinda long i started talking to this guy a few days ago on okc and he tried hanging out with me the first day he talked to me it didnt happen and we had been keeping in touch somewhat he fucking sucks at texting and then th
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i met a sag man back in july through a mutual friend he was very persistent and told me he wouldn t stop until he got me i warned him that it might not be the best idea for us to be together because i lived 6 hours away and was just visiting but he purs
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hello peeps i have been talking to a sag man online for over a year since april we have been chatting on the phone every day i know him through a friend but we have not met i feel he is warming up to the idea but i m not sure why he is resist
Sag girls, What's your experience with Sag men?
mines not been great lol i find them super obnoxious mostly the most recent one a few months back i met at a bar we talked all night i thought there was a connection by the end of the night he ditched me and went home with some other girl lol anothe