Can I break the silence and earn his forgiveness?

By GirlyATL12August 3, 2020 12:24pm — 17 replies
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How can I earn my a Scorpio mans forgiveness? Can the silent treatment be broken?
within a span of 3 weeks 3 family members have died of covid and my mom is going blind in one eye which is causing her to have strong depression i ve been staying strong being the oldest of all my siblings but i recently had a breakdown it was bad la
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hello everyone i am dating a scorpio man for 2 months now i am taurus for the first few weeks he would compliment me a lot and give me nicknames or call me pretty or beautiful he left to go back to his home country a week ago and will be there unti
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my girlfriend is on a plane rn heading out here she has a few stops and a 5 hour layover in seattle but she s moving here to be with me we re getting married on halloween then i m moving to canada to be with her forever she won t be here for li
Does this mean the Scorpio male is done with me? Or is this silent treatment?
how to get a scorpio mans forgiveness is he just giving the silent treatment i am a aries woman we are fwb and the sex is great he always wants to meet up everything has been great today i snapped over text cause we were supposed to meet today and
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im a taurus with cancer venus and mars and aries moon and mercury he is scorpio with libra venus and moon and mars and sagittarius mercury i am 29 and he is 34 we met a month ago and he said i am better than the photos because of my soul that he
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hi all im wondering how my earth-water folks deal with this combination being analytical and intuitive logical and emotive how do you find the balance
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recently a guy has caught my eye in a place where i work the thing is i used to catch glimpses of him but i guess he found out that i stare at him now hes started to come at my checkout i work in retail whenever possible even if my checkout has a
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i m talking with this guy who s a cap sun scorpio mars aqua venus and taurus moon he s got me on edge we ll talk for hours about intellectual things and we get along really well in this regard but he s starting to go really heavy on the blunt flir
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background i have a crush on a scorpio woman for about nines months we have worked together every other month for a week outside of that we never see each other that much ive tried to make conversation in the past on social media however it seems oft
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i can imagine this will either be distasteful to some intriguing to others hopefully we can have a mature discourse above all there is a school of thought that your planetary influences do not necessarily define your character but rather your tendenc