Venus in Gemini people are eternal cheaters!

Wassup everyone! I've been reading this forum for about a week or two now and I have decided to sign up.

Quick facts about myself:

Sex: Male
Age: 28
Sun Sign: Scorpio
Moon Sign: Scorpio
Rising: Virgo
Mercury: Sag
Venus: Scorpio
Mars: Leo

I just wanted to know if any Scorps on this board have dealt with people that have a venus in Gemini? I've now had two terrible experiences with women that have had this placement in their charts.

One was a cancer girl with a venus in gemini and the other was a taurus girl. Both were insatiable flirts, liars and cheaters. I know that sounds harsh, but it is what it is. It's like that placement of venus in gemini can totally overpower the other signs in a person's chart.

I normally get along and attract to Taurus and Cancer. I've had some of my best relationships with those two signs. Yet, the Venus has to be in either Taurus, Cancer or Aries. If it's in Gemini then I was doomed.

I've even met sun sign gemini women that weren't as sheisty as say a Cancer sun that had a venus in gemini.

Sorry to rant with negativity but I'm just ending a relationship with a venus in gemini person and I guess you can say I was strung along and burned. And as a Scorpio, a new regeneration is FORCED to take place now.

Well, besides that everything is cool beans in my life. I hope to hear from some of you. Peace!!
Yea, Venus in Cancer is awesome!

You are correct about Venus in Gemini people being attractive and leading to utter disappointment. LOL!

This chick I was with got attention nonstop from men and therefore I believe she never took a relationship seriously. She never had to I guess.
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LOL....I have Venus in Gemini...I am flirty...But not outright,,,as a single woman I am always looking at different type of men,,,and will date a few without commitment or demanding one...but some men seem to get the idea that they are only one,,without me saying it, but I don't think that is my fault...However if I am in a mongomous relationship,,I wouldn't dream of cheating.....
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I am a flirt, and got the venus in gem, but cheating is a different story. I am where my heart is. If the relationship is dead already I end it before persuing another relationship. I've wanted space lately anyways. I don't want to rebound, I want to fully understand what went wrong and build up my heart again so I can give all to the next relationship. Although I must agree, venus in gem is a curse.
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Hi Tony, glad you joined.

I know what you mean with regards to the flirty Gemini nature. I have noticed this with Gemini men, too. The flirting is almost painful. No offense to any Gem ladies, but a couple of my Gem girlfriends almost seem vendictive with their flirting.

However, you are exactly right though. My brother is a Gem. Thankfully, he has a Cancer rising and Venus in Cancer. This makes him extremely loyal and a wonderful father. He is very, very affectionate with his wife (who is a Cancer) and I have never seem hom outwardly be flirtatious, etc.

Me, I am a Cancer with Venus in Cancer, too. Some might say that my Mars in Gemini might make me a flirt as Mars and Venus seem to play a key role in romance/sex, etc. But, when in a relationship, I am extremely loyal. Just the usual insecure Cancer stuff which may be just as bad.
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Here is a great link on sex astrology based on venus and mars placement etc. Just scroll to the bottom find the sun sign and go from there.

Hey Tony G,

I'm a Cancer sun with venus in Gemini. My moon and ascendant is Leo.
I gotta say I loveeee Scorpio men!!! I want to tell you a little about my personality because I want you to tell me if you think I would be a good match for a Scorpio. Right now there's a Scorpio guy that seems interested in me (that's why!!!)
First of all, I have many cancer characteristics. I'm romantic, very sensitive and serious when it comes to love. There's only one thing about me that turns guys off, I like to make the first move when I meet a guy because I can't stand how slow they are to make a move. This doesn't mean I flirt with many men but I feel like I'm very needy and available whenever I like someone. But that doesn't mean I do this with many guys, just the one I'm interested in. Let me tell you about a past relationship...I had an aquarius boyfriend and he was the worst!!! He was constantly messaging with girls and I was totally devoted. I never talked with men. To be honest, I would feel like a just like me talking to 2 men at the same time so it's not in my nature to do something like that. Since my boyfriend was not very loyal as I expected, I started to fantasize about other men while being with him. I just didn't feel appreciated and I've always wanted a man who would only have eyes for me. Does this make me a cheater?? I would love to have a Scorpio since they're loyal and jealous. Hahahaha it would be so romantic to have a jealous boyfriend. Do you think I would be considered a bad girl for a Scorpio? I'm devoted as long as my partner treats me like a queen and is not flirting with other girls.
I also have a question for you. The Scorpio guy that I'm seeing has pictures on his Facebook with many girls and this worries me. They're old pictures but I hope he's not a player or anything like that. He seems nice but those pictures are making me wonder...
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Wait you're a leo moon? Who have you dated ands fallen in love with, what is your personality like?
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Posted by softy
LOL....I have Venus in Gemini...I am flirty...But not outright,,,as a single woman I am always looking at different type of men,,,and will date a few without commitment or demanding one...but some men seem to get the idea that they are only one,,without me saying it, but I don't think that is my fault...However if I am in a mongomous relationship,,I wouldn't dream of cheating.....

Exactly I'm a big fat flirt cause of my venus in gem.... but Id never cheat on my person. If it's anything my Leo cheated on me hahaha looool
I know sooo many guys with this placement and ALL of them are cheaters even the married ones.

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