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Taurus guy friend zoned me...
okay so i have this taurus guy friend and we are really close friends we tell each other everything like literally everything without hesitations lol sometimes i feel like hes my gay friend that every girl wants one night we got so drunk and he star
Taurus Women--- tell us how to win your heart? Please!
so ive seen so many topics on taurus women and so many people confused hopeless on what it is that you taurus women truly want in a relationship what is it that draws so many to you how is it that once that person falls there is no escaping you i l
The Generous Bull
hello bulls i posted a thread a while back here about a taurus man who has been very generous to me which makes me somehow uncomfortable because it just kinda too much so i made it clear that i dont like the way he pouring me with stuff like that
Astro-Noob :D
im new to astrology and im not sure how to read it what do you think of our birth charts his rising sign 29 degrees leo sun 17 degrees gemini moon 11 degrees libra mercury 12 degrees gemini venus 27 degress taurus mars 6 degrees virgo
Bulls, if you're unsure of how she feels about you how do you act with her?
i was pretty cold with this bull at first not mean just extremely distant we went out and he pursued but i was very distant again i was very distant at first to the point where im sure i came off as uninterested but he kept pursuing hes asked almos
I detest nosy people... Especially the kind that lurk around.
those are the worst they are in the shadows quiet but always around waiting on gossip and information when she gets it the bitch walks around smug as if she got some information that proves shes better than you and shes won sigh i want to be raging
7th house stellium
what type of effect does venus mercury and sun in taurus in the 7th house have would it make me more prone to act like a libra