Is my Taurus done with me?

By nightsky11May 17, 2021 4:51am — 8 replies
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With some lame excuse. Idk if I should give a verbal lashing and play games or ignore. I'll probably ignore. But my Gemini moon is a little bore wants to play games.
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This is an update from my first post a few months ago. I broke up with a Taurus guy I had an amazing connection with because I felt like he was blatantly ignoring me. We're both busy and stressed and at first I thought he was distancing himself from me,
Taurus season is coming
As a Taurus, I might be a hoe, but my i love my bitches.
cant stop my kinda hoe-ishhh issues, sucks to b me
As a Taurus, with a diiiick dat can make anyone say fuucckkk them infinity stones the avengers can have dat shiiit cuz a tauurus diiiick is snaps on snaps on snaps, which also is recorded in biblical studies, like art history, dat the great pyramids was a
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