Taurus bf looking for fwb

By pureperspectiveOctober 7, 2020 2:05pm — 34 replies
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NEED Advice from a Taurus Man
im a cancer women i went to college with a taurus man so we ve known each other for 10 years never super close friends but we had mutual friends and would hang out in college we would always give each other looks over the years and he s flirted wit
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my earth sign siblings of all the zodiac i suppose that you make the most sense to me team taurus has always make us earth signs look better just saying you are quite possibly the very best and most stable of the earth signs let s get to it 5 goo
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dont know where to put this but do you ever feel like you are just talking to yourself when you are talking with a taurus
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bonus points if youre a female find this combo fascinating and also crushing on a woman hard who has these two placements squares abound with her mercury in taurus too
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pretty sure this dude blocks me so he can t speak to me he txts me from time to time and i am pleasant at best still can t figure out why since he screwed me over i don t care anymore at this point i don t voluntarily txt him first until now i
is this Taurus guy lowkey pursuing me or am I going insane?
hi there im new so please be kind im a cancer woman of course i bloody am moon in pisces ascendant libra and for the past few months i have been talking to this taurus man of course we have common friends we talk at times for the past 9 month
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