How do they handle breakups?

By MsScorp07June 21, 2018 6:17pm — 18 replies
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the gemini and i didn t work out he had a temper which i was fine with but one day he just caught me on the wrong day we were debating a topic and it was going left i never raised my voice i simply said let s agree to disagree and change the subjec
Too late with my Aqua ex?
hi all i m new to the forum but have been perusing the last week or so i have a bit of a long story if any of you can offer insight background me 34 f sun scorp ascend leo moon gemini venus mars libra ex 35 m sun aqua ascen
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i need more aquas in my day to day life how awkward is it to screen potential friends on their sign
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i know all of you are experts so i have a topic to discuss ok most probably its normal for aquas to block and delete people from social media it mostly means im done with u im not interested with u i moved on etc so is there any aquas
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17 days and now i miss the aqua like crazy i miss my friend so damn much i miss aqua energy and it s quirkiness i just miss him moving on is a sucky process
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he is 10th feb 1985 born sun was in aquarius at 21 12 moon in libra at 20 31 mercury was in aquarius at 14 12 venus in aries at 06 43 mars was in aries at 05 28 jupiter in aquarius at 00 46 saturn was in scorpio at 27 34
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we didn t formally ask for nc but we both know it needs to happen i m not looking to re kindle what isn t working i can t decide if wishing him a happy fathers day would be an invasion of his space we have a years old tradition of recognizing mother
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what do you think about this placement
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so i ve been with my aqua for a year friday we talked as usual when he told me he s so tired and and i told him he should go hangout with his buddies so he said was gonna watch the game with them i came home to see mom for the weekend he didnt text me
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i am this placement and i struggle a lot in daily life any advice how to be more relax and peaceful