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Even without like and believe in astrology, because peoples have right to change everything, and we no have autoral rights of concepts. I need to give knowledge about this house, a lot of peoples says pratical things about this house, but not the truth, t
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  • Even without like and believe in astrology, because peoples have right to change everything, and we no have autoral rights of concepts. I need to give knowledge about this house, a lot of peoples says pratical things about this house, but not the truth, the ascendant is 1st and most superificial, and 12th, the most... you, its the soul, the true i, at same time the worst enemy, your memorys, your unsolved things, and your trascendental, your true way, in astrology , you will need to battle with this to be yourself, the sign in 12 house is your soul, and the other aspects, the thing you will need to battle against, and win, to be free and less matherialistic, and evolved, it can be your dharma too, not only unsolved karma, after all, its the house of sacrifice and return to the god and all the origin
    btw: i still dont believe in astrology, because even without identify with my sign, i dont identify with this 12th house to, who is taurus
  • someone need to do a better and more detailed study about this house, even without believe in astrology, this can made him better
  • every sites in google say this i have sayed
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  • what this gif have wiht the post lmao
  • So let me get this straight. Because my 12th house sign is Virgo that means Virgo is the true me, my soul? Sheeed I don't want to believe that. Please tell me I didn't get that straight.
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    what this gif have wiht the post lmao

    those are dxpnet users getting rid of your ass 'cause you're clearly high on something and definitely need some rest
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  • its what astrology says, you are 12th house, these house don't represent what you want to be, but what you need to be in reallity, and truelly are without your personal desires, in favor of a greater thing, its house is the true soul
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    12th house is, says every serious astrologer says , sun have nothing with your true i, 12 th house have

  • ellesbelles go study more astrology, because you know nothing about, lets show you some sites
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    The meaning of life, the universe and everything else
    We live the issues related to House 12 in an interior and subjective way. Everything can be experienced as mystical or dreamlike experiences and themes such as meditation, gift, surrender, unconscious and surrender to something greater than Being gain relevance. Through it we have access to the collective unconscious, with its timeless myths - it is where we feel collectively.

    House 12 is still associated with large institutions, such as hospitals, monasteries, prisons and asylums, being considered the home of isolation and "emotional prisons". In the face of isolation, seclusion and inner silence, we can perceive the meaning of life; find ourselves; get in touch with our true Self, our Soul.

    Thus, this House symbolizes the imprisonment of the soul that precedes liberation, enlightenment and the beginning of a new cycle of manifestation (House 1).

    Only after this plunge into the Whole can a true rebirth and reintegration come later. House 12 represents, therefore, the dissolution that precedes rebirth; is the subjective, inner, unconscious self, while House 1 represents the objective, outer and conscious manifestation of identity.

    When we review our lives, we can think of the things we have not done, or that we would like to have done. We also think about what we have done and remember the desires we could never satisfy.

    This can bring some sadness as well as guilt or shame. But it brings pride and satisfaction when we remember the good things we've done (or the temptations we've had to resist).

    Therefore, House 12 is the transition between the "old" and "new." We must surrender to circumstances we can not control to have a chance to be reborn. A new being endowed with a new vision (first house).

    Think of a dark ocean, but full of possibilities, from where the light will emerge.

    The twelfth house is also associated with our mental health, whether it is following a profession in the area or dealing with problems and illnesses. It also deals with meditation, reflection, self-sacrifice (detachment) and charity (giving).

    It is an altruistic House, which means that it is associated with everything that revolves around public and social service, which are the areas that serve the people rather than seeking profit, where workers and managers are basically anonymous.

    The Hidden Backstage and Enemies
    House 12 indicates the areas where we have hidden enemies, people who want us badly and have no idea. Certain negative aspects of our map can also be considered secret enemies, which can sabotage us without our being aware of it.

    It is also associated with hidden things, everything that is done behind the scenes, far from people's knowledge, either for good or for evil. When it is good, it is not shown by altruism or modesty. But when it is something evil, it is hidden and veiled on purpose to attend to selfish schemes.

    House 12 still deals with hidden issues that are being discovered, such as scientific research.
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