Cancer man hot and cold ?

By lilliverpoolsangelFebruary 14, 2016 10:38pm — 10 replies
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most of you know my cancer man moved to a different state and ive decided not to move with him we both wasnt ready to make that move so now ive decided to be celibate reasons growth find something as meaningful as he and i had if we never get b
To those of you who dissapear.
when you decided to come back have you had people ignore you right back if so how did it make you feel did you chase or just move on
virgo melting my heart
so i have a virgo friend guy hes an idiot i like him though were close and i once wanted a relationship he didnt it was awkward but we remained friends and its all good now anyway since ive moved on hes started to tell me he is attracted to
Hey Cancers...
can you help me out with something have you ever experienced a situation where something happens that would on another time would set you off but due to the time it happened you werent nearly as effected by it if at all think of raging after stub
how often....
do cancers fall in love would you say you have a lot of loves of your life and do you hold onto past love that ended on good terms friendship
feeling alone
my cancer man just doesnt care anymore if he hurts my feelings or not i ask him why he wont just break up and he says because he cant im five months pregnant and im so depressed because of this cancer men help me understand why is he like this now
Ugh, Cancers why are we so forgiving?
i loathe it i swear i get pissed when someone i like does something but as soon as they come around and do something sweet its like i get amnesia or something and stop with the quiet attitude i irritate me this really doesnt apply to the third
Afraid to go down the cancer road again ...
im a virgo recently stopped seeing a 29 yr old cancer man who declined to tell me he was married when we met i found out after i was already in love we both were or so i thought i stayed around believing his separated bullcrap he
To Cancer males, do you connect better with non-water signs?
im a cancer male and i connect better with women from air and fire signs basically the ones all the horoscope websites say i shouldnt get along well with aries libra leo even gemini ive had better connections relationships with women from all