In my teens. Like if I could see that someone liked me, even though I never had any intention on dating them, I’d subtly flirt with them to lead them on. And in middle school I was a horrid bleep who bullied people and gossiped about them. Karma is r
Roast us. I wanna know the tea
and people have a hard time getting over us even when they’re in a relationship. Like it happened to me with this Aries guy and even though we were mean to each other so many times and he moved to his gf’s country he still watches my social media stories.
I've never dated/been interested in or even friends with a gemini. My sister in-laws brother in-law (do you follow) friended me on facebook a few months ago. I thought it was weird considering we've never had a conversation, only said maybe two words to e
.... or do they hop on the first train out of town, never to be found?
Hey so here I am asking for advice regarding my Taurus Crush. We met, everything went smooth, we connected on a deeper level and then when he went back to his country and working everyday everything kinda changed. Here is the first post if you wanna re
Being a gemini myself, I've come to realize that I'm extremely sensitive (I just don't show it that often). I'm pretty empathetic and compassionate and when I see anything emotional, whether it's happy or sad, I have a tendency to cry (I'm a crybaby lol).
When I meet a dude I am so into them, super flirty and then they get attached and start texting all the time and then I'm like ugh, I don't know if I'm even into them now. What did I see in them? This happens so often. And then I flake, flake, flake. Is t
its been 6 weeks I have met a gemini man. we had instant chemistry. we met on blind date at coffee shop. We left at mid night when it closed. We started texting and calling alot. He text me all day most days. he ended up sleeping over at my house and the
So i met this female that I thought was really beautiful at the gym I go to. She happens to work there and from the start she gave off a very positive vibe. She later on tells my friend to tell me that I’m very attractive. He relays the message to me but
- Have lots of cash/monies xoxoxo $$$ - Keep us dicked down or pussied out or we will find someone else to satisfy our Gemini just like me urges - Tell us your secrets so we will feel safe with you incase you backstab us so we can expose you - Lavish us wit
my bf said to me the other day he has very deep feelings for me and could see him being with me forever. I was flattered. But within a few days he wasn't talking to me so much or trying to hang out with me. Is this an example of a gemini wanting his simpl
Hello Gemini folk, what's your take on Pisces people, in general?? I'm more concerned with what you've experienced yo
Do u seem to attract with little or no effort? I'm curious if there's a pattern here. Please mention experiences from RL only. Not your POF or DXP PMs. Thx. :)
Where would you treat us? We deserve it
I was with a Gemini man for 7 years and we just broke up 2 weeks ago and he’s already in another relationship wit a Gemini Woman. She said they are in love ! How can he move on that fast without closure or anything! I’m a libra woman and this is very pain
Hey guys i need some female gemini advice on this. Ive been dating a gemini since november. We were talking for about a month before we made an official relationship. Everyday she tells me shes in love with me and she even calls me her "King". I love
We are so moody, and when we get low and emotional, we get SUPER low and emotional. I don't know which Gemini to compare this to, but I do watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Scott Disick is such a good example. Sometimes he just hides and is depres
Just talked to a Gemini man and OMG! What a difference between Gem women and Gem men!!!! It was like a job interview. He was sooo boring! I’ve tried my best but he was...almost like wearing me off with his boredom so I said I rather to never climb cor

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I just found out my casual friends with benefits of 6 months has been in a loving relationship for over a year. And I found out on valentines day through social media. Thought I would share this. Has anyone else ever found something similar about
Just sun moon ascen Build a girl/guys chart ur fav Ideal: Sun: Aries Moon: Virgo Ascend: cancer No chance in hell: Sun: libra Moon: Leo Ascend: Pisces
My Leo used to say he was weird looking for someone weird also.. Of course he’s called me weird and said he liked it 😂 but he’s not? What makes you Leo’s weird? I don’t get it?
Katt Williams killing me on his special But he made some interesting observation Are robot women the next thing that'll kill relationships .
What are yours like Natal Asc: Taurus Sun: aries Mercury: aries Moon: cap Venus: pisces Mars: aqua Asc: Gemini Sun: Taurus Mercury: aries Moon: Sagittarius Venus: aries Mars: pisces I relate more to my natal sun, moon and mercury
Do you think he time traveled to give us technology? It might explain why he was never romantically involved with anyone....maybe he had a love interest in a different time period.
than for men to do it? coz it's so much easier to pretend you don't know that a guy's flirting with you than it is to pretend to other women
Let lose, be yourself, vent it all out if you must. Fellow Stingers and Scorpion Dominants, this is your place to go cra I'm so fascinated by their relationship, I guess because she's so fly to me and seems a bit out of his league, but he's the breadwinner(millions) while she stays home and looks after their 5 kids. They've bee This is the actual game play thread. If you wish to find a team/placement to represent or would like to discuss the going ons in the league please go to the DXPIL Players Lounge here: https://www.dxpnet
99% of my friends would clown in me and find me weird for having a dxp account n talking about astrology I keep my dxp life a secret lol I’m also not exactly my best self on here Im an in the closet astrology believer lol
When do most couples begin to feel the Love Feels and express it openly? 3 months? 6 months? A year?
I just need to vent in that I will put all the angriness to my boyfriend If you have read my last post about me just started to be in a relationship with a aquarius boyfriend who has a 4yrs old son was on holiday. He's back already and soon going o