I am a 46 year-old Gemini woman. And I have been through a lot in life. I am here in hopes to help others in achieving their goals in understanding certain signs that I have dealt with and in Geminians themselves. There are a lot of misconceptions and
whats yall plans for your birthdays when it comes? and since its obvious I couldn't wait till Gemini season to come so I post early. and plus I might not be here on this site when Gemini season arrive. me I'll start first. I plan on doing nothing real
I was using a dating app. In the last couple of days, I received a total of around 12 photos of the dicks of 2 men who i was frequently chatting with. One guy, cancer, kept asking for my photo... just my face, as he uses it for masterbation. The aqua guy
Hey! So I've been trying to break into a certain genre of music industry. It's been difficult. As an aqua I consider myself pretty outgoing approachable and friendly. However I've had a hard time dealing with people in this niche of music. I've noticed al
Teach me how to flirt please I got zero game :@
I've known this gemini male for 6 years going on and nothing has ever transpired, because he's always had a relationship and we live about 3 hours from each other. I should also mention he's one my best friends brother. I asked her if it would be okay tha
I went to high school with this guy, he made me laugh a few times and things were fine. He ended up dating my Capricorn
I have a general disdain when it comes to air signs. Many of them are funny initially, but become moody, and untrustworthy (quick to tell lies). I feel that air signs use fire signs for their lack of strength, similar to the way water signs use earths ea
It's the baby coming into existence, he's born in Cancer, but he's probably conceived in Gemini. Several signs have two minds, and each is consistent with reproduction : Gemini has a crazy mischeivous mind, probably the spirit of the baby before birth.
she used to invite me out to her events in town but stopped after i didnt go twice. (I had school.) I have been lingering on her Twitter account but we have never met in person. i didnt want to scare her away but she is very, very attractive and has ma
Welcome, welcome... ladies, gents, and trolls. I keep making this thread, but then I delete my account and it's lost forever. Hopefully this will breathe some life into the Gemini board. Ask a Gemini a question. Ask anything. Nothing is taboo on ou
I am new here and I got to say I am a little surprised about the negativity thrown at Capricorn's from Gemini and Libras
Hey. I'm an Aquarius man currently in the early stages of an official romantic relationship with a Gemini woman, and would like to know what some Geminis feel about this pairing. Opinion from women preferred, but if you're a dude and have been with an Aqu
WITH A NEW USERNAME. Yay or nay?! Be honest It's more PC because I'm trying to be more PC now. I swear. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/4f/f0/ec/4ff0ec661d6f0c15368c2d379150ecbb.gif
Most specifically those with zero fire in their charts. Post your favorite lonely songs on here. Or any sad songs to make you cry. Now since I'm not in tune on how to post videos on these boards (sorry guys) I'm gonna just key in one of mines for now.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLYyCFuPCX8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBI0bDH8W28 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvSDv24n_JY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmCeAmBpWoY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcdS2_dGeG0 So is it just me or
A gemini girl asked me out today...What do i expect from a gemini? I never knew this girl liked me but all i know is she was nice to me for like the first couple months we met, then she was in a bad mood for the next couple months and now she's back to be
Met a lovely Cancer man. Just dunno what to expect. Are they any good for Geminis?
Hey everyone, I think my gemini best friend is in love with me? I dated him a year and a half ago for maybe two months tops. He had his own company and was always blowing me off, i didnt have the patience for that and moved on. We still kept i
Hi gems, I was reading something online. I realized that some women are multitalented like they can pain, cook, sing.. they are attractive.. almost perfect. And they are married. I started to wonder about myself.. like what talents I have or in other word
I need some advice please geminis! I have been totally drawn to this man that is a regular at my work. I could tell he was interested and our synchronicity of timing has been perfect almost. I gave him my number two days ago and he was really happy about
So I've been seeing a Gemini man and it's been really great - amazing chemistry, fun time together, great conversations. Obviously, we are supposed to suck together but so far it's been fun and we seem to really like each other. He does thoughtful things

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I told someone screw you and your family, treetrunk off you loser!! -this person was trying to start a fight with me in a videogame
http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/facebook/000/296/441/24a.jpg This is what I sent to him yesterday: I want to say something to you that I've been wanting to say for awhile and I hope you don't misunderstand me. I know you don't care but I care
Which aspects in natal chart would meake u seem like a player😃girls would see u and think that u have 10 girls on the side😅just looking like a player and behaving too but not being one
I mean i read my friends natal charts and when i talk about relationships there are so many things to look at that i get confused. I check: a) moon (emotional expression and needs) b) venus (relationship and your loving style) c) mars (who you are att
It's been about two weeks since things just went way south and we were doing so well. We had a trip planned too and she had me cancel my flight. She had to go for work. Told me it was probably best I didn't go. Anyway the issues were so minor and all happ
FEMA is on high alert for an impending asteroid strike. https://youtu.be/NGLb4ncxbIc
Because I loved you It might not makes sense to you today But I promise with time it will And you'll appreciate that I left I leave today and I say my goodbyes Because I can't give you what you dresserve I can't give you what you need or want Me
Hi Everyone! This is my first time (and we're in the very beginning stages, only the 3rd date) with a Capricorn male. Just was curious if anyone had an advice with dealing/understanding them. I'm an Aquarius Sun, Aries Moon, Taurus Rising, Leo 5th hous
I'm confused by a Taurus man. Help me understand! It's kinda long, bare with me. I have been talking to this guy for almost 3 months now. We met on a Islamic dating site, I'm black (25), he is Arab(32). He is good looking, has a nice job. And I'm in uni.
I'm confused by a Taurus man. Help me understand! It's kinda long, bare with me. I have been talking to this guy for almost 3 months now. We met on a Islamic dating site, I'm black (25), he is Arab(32). He is good looking, has a nice job. And I'm in uni.
What are the common traits of a cancer man with a Sagittarius moon..? Do they leave a woman he trusted (who was equally loyal) and never look back?
What would Venus opposite Lilith mean? And what about Moon square Lilith?
Scorpios, on who do you think, you made the biggest impression? Was it a cancer, another scorpio...and was it romance/work/just friendship? Which aspect you think is to blame for that? Sun, moon, venus...anything else? Thanks for the answers! ;)