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  • I actually feel guilty and disturbed by my actions in my dream...what could it mean? To simplify, I found out my boyfriend had made out with my best friend...he told me he was in love with her and that he loved her more than me. Later on in dream time I
  • Most of you probably remember my screen name from a few months ago when I shared my story of the sweetheart Cancer woman that I basically chased off after she cleaned my house. Well, what was missing from that story is that prior to her coming into my
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  • A leo man, who doesn’t introduce you as his gf to his friends and family when everyone kind of knows something is going between the two of you, is simply not serious. Am I right? I’ve lost all my interests, thanks to this. He acts super jealous but isn’t
  • So. This Scorpio is chasing me. Is basically trying to one up my bae. Talking about pampering me and shopping and my babies ??? I been told him I have a man, not interested. Scorpio sun Taurus moon Scorpio mercury Scorpio venus Leo mars
  • Let me try again ... Hello My Fellow Pride Members! Have any of you ever dated a Cancer man? My strongest relationships have been primarily with Virgo and Libra and a terrible Gemini relationship that I stuck with way too long. Had a horrible time
  • Okay sooo basically I’ve hit a wall an I’m lost an confused. So I’ll try to be as through as I can.. I’ve done some research on the lioness an I’m even more confused. Im a Gemini woman (a confused one at that) I’ve never been with a woman, nvr thought of
  • Any leos here have experience with Sagittarius friends? I always find it fascinating to have a lot of Leo friends (mostly girls). I love my Leo gala noticed that we get a long quite nicely and they're one of my best companions. I also notice that they alw
  • When do you all let your pervert show? My Leo has been perverted since like week 2 in our relationship/friendship/Idunnowhatsgoingon and he let me know that that's just how he is. I have to really be into someone OR comfortable... Maybe he thought I was o
  • My boyfriend says he is a virgin. And he: - Acts really shy and nervous around me. - Doesn't know what to do about sexual things and is clueless. - I almost always had to initiate something sexual. - Gets embarrassed when he says "pussy". - Respects
  • Ive been knowing this guy for almost 7 months already. He was going out of his way by approaching and asking for my number. He is not a good texter and very plain guy but i really do like him. It doesnt matter for me as long as he treats me nicely. Bu
  • I would like to know how does the libra sun affect your leo moon? How can you describe this libra sun leo moon person?
  • Dear LEo How can you get along and maintain a successful relationship with a Scorpio guy ??especially with LDR cause we prefer physical contact and being indulged more than read others merely from texts ???
  • I was scared this might happen. I have two posts in here; one is "how to get rid of this leo" and the other is "i got into trouble with this leo". I stopped talking to the leo once I got my answer, which was to stay away from him. Recently, I had a panic
  • Hello my fellow lions/lioness, have any of you dealt with another leo that was successful? I'm a july 29 leo and the longest leo/leo relationship I had was 5 months.
  • Ok so there is this Leo girl that I like and we get along pretty well and I recently created a snap chat account and she asked me to follow her, however I commented "adorable:)" on one of her stories, she opened it and never responded... I know this is ob
  • I had a talk at the workplace with a Leo and goddamit the bastard put a blank expressionless look on his face and lied to my face -- in the presence of two other people. about a serious topic. the guy who cannot hide anything, wears his heart on his sleev
  • My fellow lioness do you all struggle with always wanting to be in control? When you find things out of your control is it hard for you to handle it? Have you pushed people away because of the need to control everything? To the men reading this have you d
  • I feel that they are all fake and I can't trust them. I don't know why, as a Sagittarius, that I seem to attract them. What my Leo says are overly exaggerated, flowery and fake. I prefer them to be genuine to me, and I want the truth rather than fake prom
  • My best friends are Leos. I attract them! What's the connection btw Leo and Taurus?
  • Previously I posted a topic saying I got rejected by a Leo man. So few days after that he went to Bangkok for golf camp and we didn't contact for a week. I just do my own stuff, focus on my workout, golf etc. When he is back, he asked me for golf and
  • Mentally, romantically, sexually, whichever way. Is it interesting in the other person that you like?
  • Which one have you had the best romantic relationship with or who do you think would be the best match with a Leo female? BTW I'm asking about sun signs only. Sagg Libra Gemini Aries