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Starlover told me to be nice to Damnata.
okay then i will i will delete my threads about her tomorrow
Christmas Songs You Love
christmas is getting near im excited what christmas songs do you love listening to mine are the following carol of the bells - may favorite since i was a kid have yourself a merry little christmas by carpenters - love it listening
Not To Be Nosy, But ...
what are you watching for me old reruns of supernatural keeping up with the kardashians soon the news
Angela Merkel: Time's Person of the Year
aprpos water-fire people she has ac and mars r in fire trine pluto in leo mars in the first house ac ruler jupiter at the sn in cancer http astrotheme com chart esusbqqlfaaflmiuzqnjzqnjzn png angela merkel is the first woman to win ti
What do you want for Christmas?!
apologies if this thread has already been made but oh well just wanted to add some fun and get into the festive spirit lol so what do you want for christmas
I don't like Damnata
she is passive-aggressive bitch personified i dont like her she is a menace to leo moons she always infiltrate my threads and oh i think she has a crush on ands
DXP Awards 2016 - Your Suggestions
this years dxp awards is obviously a train-wreck i dont know understand most of the nominations and i only got 22 votes but thats beside the point what awards do you want to see for next years awards mine are drama king queen most no
I cry cry...
i got so many nominations but not a single award and im only a runner-up to damnata i demand a re-count