How do vegetarians go about bj?

By GemitatiAugust 24, 2017 8:03pm — 63 replies
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i think this rings very true and that so many are blinded and or just conditioned to follow suit do you question what goes on around you or under your nose just curious loved this girls style btw poetic speech https youtu be n sekpx8
My bosses are batshit crazy
ive never met two people who are so childish the owners are fucking psycho heres how fucking psycho they are - my co-worker quit because they used her as their punching bag she had a mental breakdown last week and yesterday they started spreading
?? Who has changing eyes❓❓❓
what colors do they change between mine are sometimes a murky grey blue color like water and sometimes they change to a vivid green
Orgasm before intercourse
how do you feel about it as for ladies do you like it when you get clitoral orgasm or when you get fingered and does it make you feel more warmed up for the next orgasm by the actual penetration yknow the multiple stuff
if someone says you look easy should you be offended or just move past it
Is self deprecating healthy?
i could make fun of myself but maybe its to hide how big my ego really is i notice i got admirers for this im guessing it shows good sense of humor
What's the real difference?
if a 27 year old male is clapping an 18 year old female cheeks sex vs a 32 year old male and a 23 year old female clapping cheeks is he still an unsolicited pedo
I'm scary and mean????
i always considered myself to be pretty friendly and easy going and i thought that others felt the same way i guess i was wrong last night my supervisor at work did something that rubbed me the wrong way and i let him have it i didnt yell argue
I hate you/like you button
wouldnt that be cool horrific to wake up in the morning and see that 100 people like you and then to see right after that 101 hate you and call off from work because you need a mental health day and go on dxp and sent no thank you messages to 10
How do people know...
that they arent gay or lesbians if they had never had that experience