By AASeptember 3, 2010 6:39pm — 123 replies
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being raised christian there are certain stories from the bible that defy reality and im not talking about the parable
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by lactating women just curious i have a friend who just started her and her husband were fooling around and she n
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i think i got propositioned by a hooker tonight lmao i dont know like i was going on a walk while listening to my
Your Dream Job
i want to be a forensic scientist or a psychologist
my roach thread as inspiration lets hear your irrational fears no laughing at eachother only with eachother
Roaches :(
they fucking creep me out i hate them most despicable creatures ever created i would rather a spider the ot
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literally fifteen minutes ago he didnt even ask for it he wanted to know where the luton coach station was i
Welcome back
to my favorite aries
Random Rant: Girl who throws puppies in the river
rant on completely random rant that has zero to do with dxp but im fucking pissed you throw puppies into the god
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astrological signs like you have never seen them i think this was written by a scorp source http www j