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By AquistormJanuary 25, 2016 7:50pm — 10 replies

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Anyone feel this way?
i feel like my purpose in life is to witness others happiness but not to experience it does anyone else feel this way do you think that is a bad purpose in life
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my new favorite past time omarion colin ferral chris brown etc men love taking dick pics lol
If You Were the Casting Director of Survivor...
who would you cast from among the dxp members mine are tribe 1 ands whitechocolate rabbit everevolvingepithet firebunny me cluelesscancer sensitiveblues justagirl tmv lisabethur tribe 2 donjohnson tiziani princepisces
Gobal warming
is it real or is it superstition
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do you find what i wrote mysoginistic its down below
with my car on the way home ive seen this cat before around the neighborhood i just dont know if it belongs to anyone but ive just killed it the thing just ran out into the street ive never ran over an animage before and if it did have an owner
The Philippines is the Best Country in Southeast Asia accdg. to this article
proud you guys should visit this country its a must
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