Chill Music Thread (Headphones Recommended)

By SoulJanuary 14, 2016 12:27am — 1301 replies
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Did David Bowie (Jones) fake his death?
Known satanist ,pedophile, musician, singer, instrumentalist, writer and producer died January 10th after 18 months (666) battling Cancer at 69, two days after his album release of Black Star, and his 69th birthday. 69 is the symbol of Cancer. 1/8/1
Make you feel my love...
Anyone who really knows me knows I can be pretty cold and aloof sometimes. Not into cheesy shit, but buried deep down is a soft and sweet romantic. But I love genuine shit not fake cheesy crap. Post a song that makes you feel deeply about something. An
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Art Angels
What did you think of it? The more I listen, the more I like it. "Realiti" the original version is probably one of the top ten songs I've ever listened to. Love Grimes.
Anyone listen to Paramore?
Or am I the only weirdo who still does? 😼
Looking for the artist and/or title of a song!
Hi everyone, I am looking for the title of this Persian song I heard in the show Shahs of Sunset, how can I submit a piece of mp3 taken from the video or a piece of video here for you guys to listen to it and maybe help me? Thank you!
nostalgia with my dad....came true for me too when I was little my dad always played this song in the car. it was one of his favorites. he explained what the song meant and everything to me, and I told him it was sad when I was just a little girl. saying it's sad he doe
Darkside Anyone?
'Darkside' is comprised by Nicolas Jaar and David Harrington. I think their work is beautiful.