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Game playing
so i decided this year that i was going to be honest and open in all my relationships as i have had enough of people pla
Things I've learned about relationships
ive learned alot about relationships over the years some from personal experience others from watching others fall
what do you think would cause a man to be intimidated by a woman ive always wanted to know
Texting... What do you think?
what do you think of someone youve just met texting but ending the texts always with xx my friends and i think its w
is this normal?
i know that as a scorpio we tend to be somewhat needy and have to be reassured constantly my boyfriend is a virgo and
When they should meet the parents...
a lady on the radio says she introduces her new partner to her parents children up front early on in the relationship da
If the parents/family/friends are racist...
is it even worth it to be with someone whose parents family or closest friends are deeply racist assume your actual
FWB - Women Can't Handle It
it sounds sweet friends aaaahh with benefits oooh but it turns into one of the most destructive ego-sapping path
Can you feel someone thinking about you?
have you ever felt someone thinking about you if so how does it feel
What's considered shallow?
what really is considered shallow we all have a preference some of our preferences may be considered shallow