grrrrrr. ghosted by a sag woman

By hellosaggyDecember 22, 2017 6:34am — 25 replies
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New to dating Sag women
i ve never dated a sag women and the experience is both unique exciting but perplexing at times she s on the cusp of being a sag capricorn since her bday is the 21st making her a 3 and from i know she s a mutable sign all of which i have no idea me
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hey love reading these boards so i would love your input on my life right now im a virgo sun cancer moon and leo venus and ive met the most amazing sagittarius sun gemini moon and capricorn venus she has literally blown me away we have been
Do Sag women like to chase or be chased?
i met a sag woman dec 21 a few weeks back - ive never encountered the breed and was smitten from the chemistry and connection that we shared - dinner lunch movie dates walks in the park kissing in public - she told me that she has a mini crush on m
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are there any of you sag women who have a mate but also have someone on the side
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libra man or leo man why
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sagittarius woman receives some flowers how would she feel if it came from someone she has little to no interest in
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i met this girl in this school that were still attending together i dunno what it was about her but i instantly fell in love with her from the very moment i laid my two sore eyes at her direction right then and there little did i know though that she
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i am just writing because i am just wondering if any other sagittarius women ever feel like they are lost or trapped if you do what do you do about it
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Sagittarius women, we are coming in last...
i am hearing nothing but complaints about us the only thing that they say positive about us is that we are funny clown