Domineering People are energyvampires

By ParkourlerMay 8, 2021 2:54am — 11 replies

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I am a Leo woman who talked to this Virgo guy from another country accidentally on a club call with him sharing his childhood. We have been talking for 5 months and I developed my feelings 4 months already. This is killing me, because I do need to know if
How do you interpret
something like this? you haven't seen each other for months but when you do, fights go on forever (your fault btw) like twice you've even fought like 10 hours straight. every single day for a whole week you're fighting. things even got physical. you're
Would it be bad to break up with a man if he doesn’t feel motivated to buy his own car?
Hi I decided to post in this because I’m in desperate need for some advice, especially from men. Please don’t assume that I’m materialistic or a gold digger. Read my post and tell me your thoughts (it’s a little bit long...) My boyfriend didn’t had a car
Why do men do the most only when you are about to leave?
You wanna know what's funny? He came back on Friday from Miami then we first talked on Saturday. Him: "I miss you too" Me: "Come see me you know my address" Him: "Lol do you not care about the 14 day quarantine thing? I like you so I will stay away" *Su
How can I help someone
With premature ejaculation. Men only.
Never Gonna Give You Up We're no strangers to love You know the rules and so do I A full commitment's what I'm thinki
How bad is a man's indecision?
If a man needs time to decide if he wants to be in a relationship with you or not, is that a bad sign? That he is not ready to give you an answer yet? -You know each other well -Have been dating for a while now -Have chemistry and hung out in person
How often do you have sex in the talking/dating stage?
Or is that in a relationship only thing? Pls state your sun+moon sign :)