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Do virgo guys come back after disappearing after a huge fight?
hello i have been seeing a virgo guy casually for about 3 months he said he was just getting out of a relationship so we kept it casual but over the last month things seemed to have gotten pretty serious and we were still doing fine except a few we
Virgos and health
going to get a procedure done later but it made me think why this shit is even happening to me you ever noticed youre always getting sick but youre always so health-conscious you eat well you might indulge in cake every now and then exercise regula
Which zodiac...?
tends to look younger than their age and which looks older than their age
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Crush on Virgo coworker, who is not single
hello folks new story new crush so this isnt as cute as my previous post about a certain dude but this dude surely is as cute so i work with this guy always thought he was cute but held back because i thought things would be well with the aquariu
Confusing Virgo man
alright for context im a sag sun sag rising with venus in aqua about a month and half ago i met this virgo man on tinder very shy a bit socially awkward but seemed like he was very determined to be in a serious relationship i went on vacatio
When Virgos start becoming overly critical...?
when virgos start becoming overly critical is it a good thing or bad thing my partner and i have been living together for about a year and a half now but i feel like she s become more critical she s always criticized me in the past about certain things
Compatibility of two signs?
virgo man and taurus woman virgo sun pisces moon leo rising leo venus with taurus sun pisces moon scorpio rising aries venus
Advice: Virgo dealing with Virgo man
hey all i am new to this but hoping to gain some insight from you all i am a virgo libra rising leo venus and virgo moon i am currently dealing with a virgo cancer rising taurus moon and scorpio venus we were greattttt from december to about ea
Appréciation post :Virgo man
i don t normally do this but he deserves some praise so i met this virgo guy in a bar we have been having some coitus some talks i don t think i would ever want to date him though i mean am happy with the way things are great sex great sex gre