Let's face it...Gemini women are our kryptonite

By BoomShakalakaBoomAugust 27, 2016 8:37pm — 25 replies
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How do you know when Virgo cares for you?
so actually my question is what is a virgos love like of all the mysteries of the signs this one escapes me d
yesterday ....
was my husbands 60th birthday no party nothing special hes a very private man and doesnt like to share things with people he doesnt like company and would have killed me if i threw him a party so we ordered pizza and had chocola
Happy seasonal hunting
a belated happy virgo season to the virgos of dxp something from one of my favourite virgo singers https www youtube com watch v b9v8jlbrvug
Need help
so im a pisces having an ldr with a virgo we have been dating for almost three years and and an ldr for a year she told me she is getting tired of me and her love for me is fading away i have been trying everything in my power to get her attention
Why tf do I want him back ??
i need everyone to tell me how dumb i am for wanting my lying cheating virgo sept19 guy back lol its been a week no contact at all i cant stop thinking about him he was my first everything he just seemed to not let go of his pain from his old relatio
they're back ...
dad whats that coming over the horizon thats virgo season son they bout to turn up http s quickmeme com img 39 394884a029d0362c63d53b82840400a85da7abd891b1b9401f4721458238ac0a jpg
yes! yes! yes! it's that time of the year :)
time to celebrate the most modest well-behaved polite people of the zodiac happy b day to all virgoans worldwide continue with your momentum i see you you try so hard you want everything just right every little detail matters to you it sho
Virgo month is approaching..fast! Are we ready to party? :)
He is still using his dating app
this is frustrating and a little scary but we have been dating for about 8 months now and he still uses his okcupid where i met him and tinder his reason for it is to laugh at the people on the app at their summaries of themselves but honestly i dont
2 dates and Virgirl already wants my babies..
well actually 1 one night stand and 1 date tomorrow well have our second real date shes super nice cute attractive and full of life but shes also being super needy and clingy already cant deny i kinda like it for now but now i find myself