Most unhygienic, sign

By dewiklaessen26April 28, 2018 7:32pm — 19 replies
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hi guys what do you think is a good match for taurus leo sun moon gemini cancer venus mars man currently i am with a capricorn leo sun moon capricorn taurus venus mars girl she is wonderful but very very dominant
Venus in Taurus (f) + Venus in Scorpio (m)
we have these crazy intense fights that result in him injuring himself and me being depressed for weeks but then when we don t talk about it we act like nothing happened i ve never been happier in my life that s how amazing the good times are the sex
Cap Saturn
to the ones who have saturn in capricorn how are things your first saturn return is on its way can you feel it
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hello i struggle with masculine energy sometimes i wonder why i dont have a boyfriend or anyone i see that i like to do everything on my own before in the past it was because i was fearing when someone would take something from me and be better
Moon opposite Uranus (ugh)
the man i was seeing has this natally and we have this in our synastry i am losing my patience what has been your experience with it basically he seems to be hot and cold with his feelings for me all the while expressing verbally that hes in
I'm Virgo
so im not self-absorbed
Square Venus - Neptune
description he might lack self-confidence and his ideals are not easy to achieve in love he is unstable and deceitful or meets people who are like this he is easy-going and follows others wishes in love and he lets the partner take the initiative
Saturn and Capricorn....are fucked up
i need to blame my situation to something i know its me it may not be the capricorn but even if its not the capricorn that wants to eat my soul cause its literally everywhere in my chart my mood is bad really bad for the last two years i tr
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hello how can i increase value in mens eyes it dont ask this question in astrological way i am just curious of your opinion i struggle with getting having a man i have standards but i do not behave like a queen bee or an ice queen all of my