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By GemitatiAugust 31, 2019 8:38am — 24 replies
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A Discovery of Witches
i discovered these books due to them making a tv show out of them i enjoyed the show but felt there was more to the story then what the tv had told so i wanted to read the trilogy before they came out with season 2 had anyone else read them
Sexy books
any recommendations
storybook: bedtime Tales for grave Snatchers by Tommy Richards
please tell me what you think the empty spaces in the trees bristle with a haunting emptiness that was never there before the morning sun rose with the dwindling breeze of hurricane albee the leaves swirled about the ruins in hopes of creating a beau
Have you read "Act like a Lady, Think like a Man"?
if yes what do you think of this book i havent read but i came across it through a comedy movie the ideas presented in the book are quite traditional but i believe some important truths about the male mindset are mentioned too
Stephen King Fan Club
not the movies this is going to be difficult in one thread to discuss several books of this prolific horror genius i love horror its my main genre from dean koontz anne rice clive barker to robin cooke so first is this worth it am i alone
I recommend...
the volcano lover susan sontag and the wild girl my top 2 books ever
Dungeons and Dragons
i need someone to draw me a character i m supposed to be a tiefling with pink skin dark blue hair and gold eyes
Please suggest some good online free Novels sites.
please suggest some good online free novels sites