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  • Took me awhile to decide to ask for some advice,but I'm just lost. More disappointed than anything cause I just can't believe this is what I ended up with.I'm married to a Libra who I really want to love, but it just always feels so off to me ( probably t
  • I never knew how much I have done this, until I joined DXP... There are several reasons why I do this to people. When I
  • These are the most common signs I've seen that Libras are supposed to be "compatible" with. However I am not at all attracted to any of them Leo's ALWAYS say or do some dumb shit that's so egotistical that just turns me all the way off. Gemini is too airy
  • Hi guys! need some thought, I'm a Leo girl who's getting attracted with a Libra man, knew him from dating apps, we keep texting each other for almost everyday for 3 months, and going out twice since we're in different country, we cuddled, he kissed my hea
  • I am an Aquarius female and I have a really great work buddy and he is a Libra. At first I thought he was gay, so I started talking with him and immediately we became best friends. He makes me crack up every time we are together. He gets me even when I th
  • As in what kind of sandwich to have for lunch? Is that more of a Libra moon or sun thing? I have both.
  • Hello i want to know what makes a Libra stalk you? I know anyone can stalk you but i know a few leebs and they are stalkers. Can you explain what in particular makes you stalk someone and why?
  • I'm an aquarius. I had a falling out with my Libra guy which made him indecisive about me and our future. After 3 weeks of going back and forth, I told him (on tuesday) to shit or get off the pot. It upset him to the point where he told me he was done and
  • Growing up my father was never around, he denied I was his. I had never met him and I started looking for him when I turned 16, I am 24 now. This past Sunday I was just randomly searching for him through Facebook and Google he has the most generic name ev
  • Long story short. I known this dude since I was in 2nd grade. He was my older brothers best friend. He was my first crush (that wasn't Leonardo Dicaprio lol). We moved away when I was in 3rd grade. He still came to our new place for a few summers after th
  • Hi librans! Please enlighten me. I broke up with my libra ex 2 mos ago.. I broke up with her. We stopped speaking for a few weeks but are talking again now.. We are friends.. But i told her I cant be friends with her. However, she started inviting me wit
  • Yes i was on here before about a leeb man stalker his moon is an aries. He got most of libra in his charts. I been getting messages off insta from him for a week off and on. We stop contact. I will get a message i see it's his name then he will delete it
  • We met on Tinder about a month ago. He initiated contact and we chatted briefly, exchanged numbers and then I would hear from him randomly... but it wasn't consistent enough for me to become interested. We exchanged X rated photos and dirty talk and I
  • Dealing with a "shy" libra so I need some major advice. This guy and I were both shy the first time we met. But before I left I said something to him. The next time I saw him he was the total opposite (giddy/friendly, tried to make small talk, sat next to
  • No other sign stares at me more than yours, it’s creepy and my Virgo Rising can’t handle it. So knock it off, I’m trying to work!
  • I'm just here to rant about that significant lack of abundance in all areas of my life that Jupiter is supposed to be bestowing on us Libras. Everything is just the same, with the usual shit or more being thrown in for good measure..raging!!!
  • I am Aquarius and I am supposed to like Libra but all people I know are just the opposite of me.I just really dislike them I don't think they are smart or nice people.To be honest I dislike people born October. I know there is maybe nice Libras,but I nev
  • So I've been talking to this libra guy for about 7 months and we're both still using this dating app... We're friends right now and I'll call or text him to talk and he sometimes doesn't pick up or respond to my texts because he says he finds texting bo
  • This is basically the first libra guy I've experienced. We've been texting for the past week since I met him and he always asks what I'm doing, how I'm doing, if I slept well, etc. so, it seems like he's interested. He comes home tomorrow but I don't know
  • I have been dating a libra man for almost two years. He found out this month that he is the father of his ex girlfriends son. I am supportive and I want him to be there for his son. But there are things I am uncomfortable with. They text all day everyday
  • I'm friends with a libra male we only really talk when we're out together we do get with each other but nothing serious, he is single 100% and I know that so I let him do his own thing but for some reason if I do what he does it's a big problem and he let