Libra Mooners

By ezzyDecember 15, 2020 3:26pm — 197 replies
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it's time that we have this discussion, this pairing is one of the hardest, but also one of the most rewarding pairing you will ever see! thoughts?! lets discuss
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Ok I figured out what triggers my flighty nature. I get pulled in a lot of directions and simply forget about things I promised. I get too many people who “need” things from me so I have to time manage or simply not take things on. It’s not so much people
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here's another libra that brightens my days from one of my favorite yt channels bonus: it also includes other guys which actually represent their zodiacs rather accurately hmm Jamie: libra ~ oh my absolute favorite charact
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I'm just curious i seen all these memes about libras being the best partners to have and your lucky if you have one🤔in my experience most Libra males i came in contact with are cheaters. And if they are not cheating they are manipulative, and lie. I'm cu
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The movie is trash but i just came here to gush about this libra man OMGGGGGGG I know libra men are attractive but they just dont do it for me...until this one 😍 Every time i come here i dont remember how to insert an image [img]https://www.hellomagazi
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I hope you got my question. It is a common opinion on Libras that they like when everything is classy, and so on. What do they think of women who use obscene language? Libras, are such women OK, or bleh, or what for you?
Is it just me
or could it be that the stereotypical upity but carefree partyattending libra women has hip moves like her? Like it dont matter how serious life is, imma be graceful and carefree:
Who knows Libra?, that is. What are their thoughts? What makes their scales happy? Honestly I'm just confused on how to connect. He has Scorpio moon, gem rising. He is too content, an open book but at the same time extremely mysterious? Possibly because of not aski