Do you believe in signs?

By DKMay 15, 2022 8:55am — 28 replies
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How long does your sex last
i am having a lot of time on my hands being old has its benefits besides not worrying getting pregnant so i watch a lot of shit and all the sitcoms and movies and stand up comedy people always emphasizing that why women making big deal out of having sex
I can’t talk right now
i am working for country and too many people pick up just to say i am on conference call or i am at work or i driving my question why tf are you picking up the phone during conference call or at work if you can t talk and why are you calling me back
Age and fatherhood
i am curious to learn what you think is a reasonable age to become a father lately ive been spending much time with the little one of my brother who seems to love me for reasons unknown and im quite fond of that little one myself i dont have kid
What kind of shit is this?
its awesome that the people i once took care of block me cause im no more use to you make sure you keep that same energy when i die cause ill come back and haunt your azz make sure you stay away they lived with me gave them
Where do I kidnap a wife to be?
admittedly the title is tongue in cheek as i cant just jump into a boat and kidnap someone these days i hear you i miss those viking days of old too but anyway the pressure is real and everywhere i go im questioned about my non existing wife eve
Your Age and Your Biggest Regret
https youtu be n8i6rul4uiy so what s yours maybe this post will light a fire under someone
The US government
at this point do ppl really believe they have us americans best interest in mind freedom is the biggest american illusion in my eyes
What is Devine loving masculinity?
what is devine loving masculinity
I am tired of me being so sensitive…
to the weather gotcha as long as i remember myself i am so sensitive to the weather seasons changes - i am walking barometer if there is no rain - i can tell you when it ll happen i am feeling lethargic and unable to function foggy and nervous
Best USA bank for depositing
i am tired of looking i want to deposit money in the bank but i remembered that chase was giving 600 not too long ago for depositing certain amount just asking if anyone here knows financial institutions who are generous vs others who just taking an