Let's be real...

By _DazedMarch 17, 2019 10:11pm — 100 replies
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familiar with your mars falling into someone else s 7th house or your pluto falling into someone s 8th house let a bishhh know
On Gossiping
what are your thoughts on it what makes one thing a form of gossiping what makes one just a form of expression of repressed feelings
Test tread
i want to try and post another treadnto seenif it s visible please whoever sees it - tell thanks does anyone has this issue
The “I’m Missing Teena” Thread
- wish she ll be back soon
Facts don't care about your feelings 😢
https i imgur com p9nm1ol png yet https www informs org about-informs news-room press-releases airline-passengers-in-developing-countries-face-13-times-risk-of-crash-as-u s -first-world risk of crash usa japan canada 1 in 14 milion br
Let's Play DXP Averages
percent of ccs threads being click-baits 88 percent of heavys threads being about jed 99 99 percent of hydorahs posts being found on firebunny threads about 90 percent of firebunnys threads being found on miscellaneous 99 9 percent of ands th
Why would someone ruin a friendship?
person 1 is friends with person 2 person 2 is friends with person 3 person 1 and person 3 dont really care for one another person 1 purposefully tells person 2 a hand full of lies to destroy the friendship between person 2 and person 3 assuming fo
see yah later guys im in boracay p