What do you all do?

By AndalusiaFebruary 29, 2016 1:11am — 9 replies

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Overused words/phrases that make you headdesk
toxins used by the obnoxious health crowd who have no idea what theyre talking about omg i want to smack people who use this word it is so overused and beaten to death as a way to describe anything bad that they cannot explain nor understa
The Hidden Rules of the Internet
were going to make or list some rules of the internet they can be serious stupid funny clever or completely off topic for all i care go ahead fuck it up of you want i dont mean the obvious rules like no harassment or dick pics but the commo
Betta Fish...
thinking about getting one i have this one of a kind terrarium that sits nestled in a natural peice of wood that would be perfect with a bright fishy swimming around so what do i need to know about these guys difficult to care for can
3 days left 3 days
My boyfriend
handsome 3
looking forsome anyone know of any
Age Discrimination
age discrimination is a real thing are you guilty of it
Irish Poker open??
i am attending any of your guys ever heard of this
The Berenstein (stain) Bears Conspiracy
i remember growing up with the show and the books for most of my childhood back then but i always remembered that the names were spelled like a jewish name with berenstein instead of berenstain its just weird these sites and theories are just amplifyi
what's done in the dark comes to light
while on my trip to dubai met a lady who said this to me and it stuck it took me a while to grasp what she meant how would you feel if what you did in the dark came to light