Money Making Motivational Music

By VenusAquariusJune 8, 2017 1:38am — 213 replies
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This song is hottt
https youtu be xwwjpo0phyi
Don't blame it on the sunshine
dont blame it on the sunshine dont blame it on the moonlight dont blame it on the good times blame it on the boogie
I really wish u2 didn't give us free tunes on iTunes.
it messes up my playlist and i get the weird song in my head hold meeee closeeeee hold me closer than you haveeeeeeee and then repeats hold me closeeee hold me close yada yada
Musicians Gone Too Soon
please post songs that have moved you by musicians that have passed on from this world ill start with chris cornell because im so saddened by his death soundgardens music helped me through a really trying time in my life after having my home hit b
Song Lyrics
post your short lyrics from your favorite songs i like short yet powerful and meaningful sentences i need inspiration for my monday morning
Eurovision 2017 winner
obsessed with the beauty of this song from portugal that last night won the eurovision 2017 song contest in the middle of such a loud extravagant and full of gimmicks show this little oasis came through his sister wrote the song so he asked h
https youtu be 4jwha495ihu
Pop Rock/Punk...whatevs
not sure theres already a thread for pop rock punk emo etc its all rock to me so whatevs lol so here goes https youtu be th09rqggfn0 prob my fav blink song hard to choose a favorite though https youtu be rft7gqgoi0a https