GRRRR! Handsome Devil Pisces man back on the scene!

By pooface222August 22, 2021 8:04pm — 23 replies
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for years i have gone back and forth with this wishy-washy pisces with a taurus moon im an aries with a libra moon we first met each other in the library of our college years ago we were both super attracted to each other we remember vividly exactly
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so first off if you folks dont know what a stellium is its when you have 3 or more planets of the same sign or in the same house of your natal chart i have 5 out of my 10 planets in pisces for starters emotions oh my god everything has to be a
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picture this your turbulent mostly water and fire chart coincides with the diagnosis youre given during the worst week of your life you go out in your pjs because youve been put on drugs that can cause self-harm so youre not supposed to be alone th
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four years ago i me an amazing pisces guy it was a long distance relationship only a couple of hours apart the first 2 years were great year 3 he starts pushing away year 4 he gets married i let it go one day out of the blue he calls an
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i just wanna solve this curious enigma of mine tbh when ive found out a guy who has had romantically liked me over the years a lot have been pisces guys some strange some coming on too strong some charming and i just dont get it lol then again i
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my pisces man and i have been together for almost 2 years now yes we encountered problems misunderstandings but we always get pass those things my man and i are living together for the past year we work on almost the same industry we often have diff
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i think my virgo venus has always gotten in my way of believing in things like fate and soul mates i have always believed if two people are willing to make it work against all odds they will make it work by the means of effort and devotion but i ve str