Mixed signals from Pisces man

By aquaLOVE88April 18, 2016 6:02am — 44 replies
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Does Pisces delude in love?
ok so first off im not calling yall delusional but im wondering if you do the same when youre in love or lust or romance does pisces look at love with rose-colored glasses as in the relationship might not be perfect their actions arent perfect
Pisces amazes me
ilypisces so full of life full of love to give so colorful so accepting pisces is pisces 3 -- only pisces can describe the deepness of pisces yall are so deep im lost even trying to describe goddamit
Pisces Question
would you spare someone the truth just so you will not hurt them
Any art lovers?
just curious
Do we pisces really just love to argue?
i have been told many times i just love arguing and admittedly i do love a good battle of wits but its not irrational arguing really id say its more of a debate but i do find entertainment in stumping another in a debate what do you guys think
HELP! I'm madly in love with a Pisces man
right so im a 17 year old leo sun cancer moon pisces rising girl and ive found myself in love with a pisces man whos in his early 20s we do performing arts together but he does an advanced version of the same course im doing so we see eachother rarel
What gemstone for Pisces?
i read a lot of conflicting reports for pisces some say the main gemstone for the sign is amethyst and others say its aquamarine from what i gather if you are a pisces born in february then it is amethyst and if in march then it is aquamarine
Would love to get a better understanding of my natal chart.. Any help?
my chart sept 21 2 15 am rising - leo sun- virgo moon- leo venus- libra mars- scorpio mercury- libra
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places in america owned by the merfolk so pay your dues if you visit them non-fish way pisces aries moon