Moon in Pisces.

By blackheartAugust 3, 2017 5:33am — 46 replies
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hi yall im relatively new here and thought would get your insights on a question ive been having after having read many of the topics on this board how does a pisces male-cancer female relationship compare to a pisces male-cap female one as
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how do you feel now that your teachings have brought you to dxpnet do you feel it is healthy to learn here has your studies halted since then
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hello all first off i am a pisces my brother is a pisces and i swear i hate to be around him if the moment is not on him he acts like a f ing idiot today was a member of our familys funeral because he got the wrong time he wants to curse and go
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our mutual friend face timed me while at my pisces ex girlfriends house he was next to this guy with pretty eyes so i said he has pretty eyes so my friend said stop cheating and i said the pisces name so the ex started spazzing calling me a thot whore
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i am very very very sensitive
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