Second round, same Pisces

By RwalstonOctober 29, 2020 9:28pm — 25 replies
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so i read on occasion that this sign is the most empathetic i have seen some handle some really stubborn signs and i appreciate all is never good to apply to any sign but i guess for those who can how would you describe your internal mechanisms
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got asked out by this pisces i like after helping her move my single ass played it cool but ultimately her car made this easy for me lol wants me to take her out to dinner next weekend more updates coming soon https i imgur com ndrl6ou jpg
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how could pisces women is the best match of capricorn men when their opposite virgals and their neighboor signs aqua and aries women all loves fire sign men
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i ve never had any issues with any guy i ve been involved with i am a very like able person and no one has ever had any complaints about me and love my personality i ve been dating him for 2 and a half months we work together but in different areas a
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this is sort of long but i need help i have been dating a pisces-aquarius cusp man for almost the last two years he just broke it off with me long distance 5 days ago the reason he gave me was because he was facing his demons back home and he needed to