While dating him you should…

By ToxicSlayersApril 26, 2016 6:08am — 25 replies
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edited summarized from the book of chetan d narain which defines me when you think of a pisces male recall the piscean symbol two fishes the fishes are moving in opposite directions much like the piscean mind this does not mean confusion it is
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okay maybe its not rags to riches but any stories of going from rock bottom divorce homeless poor life-threatening disease etc to triumph i need some encouragement
ye fish who dwell in darkness evil forces heed and harken upon this neptunes scepter rub to reconvene the bad fish club of dagon and poseidon we take these oaths forer to abide in be ye scallywag or wench the laws of marianas trench
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i am a capricorn and want to know what this means i did a birth chart for myself online and dont know what ascendant means on the chart please can someone explain and then explain what the pisces part in my question means thanks in advance to
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hey yall so ive noticed something peculiar about my life im great friends with air signs my closests girlfriends are sun in aquarius moon in scorpio sun in pisces moon in gemini and sun in libra moon in sagg scorpio venus i love them but
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whenever im really into a guy i have a tendency of checking his social media a few times a day and digging until i can find exs bestfriends or preferably another social media account to get more information hahaha recently the facebook app h
Dont you just hate people who try to emotionally manipulate you
its just one thing that really gets my back up every relationship ive had i always see it as their last resort and i think here we go do other pisces find this when trying to leave a relationship im talking about my previous ones before my marriage
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tell me and this is not a judgement on pisces males i just wondered about all the excuses they seem to make for not doing things or not being somewhere etc etc