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By hellosaggyDecember 5, 2017 10:33pm — 47 replies
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Will ignoring my ex make him scared and run back?
will ignoring my ex make him scared that he s loosing me so he ll run back the good thing tho is i didn t make a fool of myself when breaking up as in ringing every single day and texting begging him to come back i went straight no contact and i have bee
Ex boyfriend/rebound
has an ex ever broke up with you went out with someone else rebound then come back again i m curious does this happen
I need help understanding this
okay so about two months ago i started talking to this libra guy we have only hung out twice due to his busy schedule and also mine as well both times we hungout we were at my house and we cuddled and watched netflix the first time we kissed and that w
apology not accepted
have you ever made a mistake and you apologized immediately but your apology was never accepted or ignored how did you reconcile it the guilt is killing me it wasnot something serious just a remark but my friend was hurt so much that she teared i
Sex + eye contact in relationships
posted by clownloyal posted by whorpiodepressed thanks for asking its called emotional sex a lot of avoiding eye contact and wet face caused by silent tears i used to love making eye contact with clients or other nsa partners it gave me a feelin
He keeps liking his ex’s pictures. Should I be worried?
i met this guy about a month ago we seem to be hitting it off the issue is he likes about every other picture his ex has posted they broke up in early october i m trying to tell myself it s just him liking the content he ll like his other ex s pic
Told her I like her today.
hey there some of you may recognise me from a post a while ago regarding a girl i like well ive finally did the deed i told her i have feelings for her i was having lunch with her at school and asked her to read a letter telling her it while i wen
My gut is telling me not to trust her, but I really love her.
ive never loved any woman the way that i love her shes the first person i could truly see myself marrying the thing is my gut is telling me not to trust her my gut tells me shes never cheated-just that she lies i even told her that i never believed
i am sad because i m not in a relationship
i am not in a relationship because i am sad how do i break the cycle how did you break this cycle img https i imgur com 0inakrf gif img