Communication advice on Sag male.

By heliumfiascoSeptember 21, 2017 5:03pm — 9 replies
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Sag how do you deal with show off friends/one-upmanship?
sag how do you deal with show off friends one-upmanship weve encountered a couple of friends who are like this just curious how everyone deals with situations like this esp if its someone you have to around most of time
Interpretation of leo
sags just curious if you have ever been with a leo how long did you know been with that person and whats your take on us leos im so curious to know lol
Help with sag guy part 2!!!
i posted previously about my situation with my sag guy hes basically been ignoring me ever since i sent that text saw him at work wednesday he blatantly ignored me all day then we both received some devasting work related news we have 4 weeks to mov
What do you think of Geminis?
i heard that gems and sags are a pretty deep and compatible couple for us being completely opposite signs
How do I get my flame back?
been feeling depressed went through a break up this summer feeling unmotivated how do you get your flame back
Sag and Sag?
i am a female sag and ive recently started talking with a sag guy we exchanged kids for a playdate and we just started talking from there this is day 4 and weve talked every day all day last night i went and hung out at his place for a while
Why can't people let us go? Sagittarius's power
ive noticed most of my past exs and flings still want something to do with me im not saying im great or perfect but especially after they break up they call or text me to see what my status is what is it about us that make people circle the wagon
Can't put a box around a saggitarius!
we are mutable it makes us chameleons its not that we are liars we reflect what we need to reflect for others i can be fiery shy aggressive passive funny introverted deep flighty and my sag makes me a philosopher and love to tr
Hey Saggis. What are your ultimate deal breakers?
what drives you crazy and is an absolute no for you my dad is a sagittarius and i feel like he has none he lets women act wild