Will you tell

By virgoOPPPMay 25, 2022 12:11pm — 43 replies
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Tall dark and handsome and broke or short light and ugly and rich?
a spin off from the tall dark and handsome or short and ugly thread but with a twist the tall dark and handsome and broke dude is very good looking who keeps himself clean at all times and at all cost but with a nasty personality while having a good sex
I didn’t know they ACTUALLY google-able!
astrology amp dicks after a two year long intensive research i was able to collect information about dick sizes and shapes and how the astrological signs influence them for this particular scientific investigation in this unexplored realm i concluded
How Men Pack their packages if it’s oversized?
watched led zeppelin and thought about plants dick being so in my face not that i minded but i gave birth to a question in my youth when jeans were every person main pants i ve seen plenty of guys wild youth who were well endowed and wore jeans grac
Irregular periods.
hey ladies have any if you gone through a long period of stress years and then your period stabilize to a normal 28 cycle with day 13-17 being the danger zine again
Playing frigid? Why?
watching too much of everybody love raymond and finding how true this show really is wondering wtg was wrong with deb though she loved her husband - she made him beg for sex so much that it makes me sick and wish he cheated in her and i know there are
Minty vagina and Ghirardelli chocolates
i ve never used liners in my panties so i went shopping this morning and i always check reduce shelves dog treats can be a steal so there were panty liners organic infused with herbs originally 5 99 for 1 24 so i always fall for this stupid shit so
When do you let whole thing in?
ladies the question is how do you know you can trust him to put in all the way or just half way is this depends on dick length or relationship length
Vedic dominants The Other
https youtu be nhayyiqad2q list plmkuwr0aftph2mbkllxnjqr2h5izbjr-q https youtu be z4xlv5316mk list plmkuwr0aftph2mbkllxnjqr2h5izbjr-q https youtu be poadhxk 3yk list plmkuwr0aftph2mbkllxnjqr2h5izbjr-q https youtu be profrnvd8v0 list plmkuwr0aftph2
Turn ons and offs
so i saw no one has made one for women of dxp so i thought id try women of dxp what are your turn ons and offs
Can't just be me dealing
why does a guys need for a constant stream of ego stroking so reminiscent of a fading hollywood star or a neglected housewifes need for validation these dudes just why you can do your own thing as a woman and have all the hobbies in the world respe