Help me understand this taurus

By elogeanMay 1, 2021 10:03am — 48 replies
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this is an update from my first post a few months ago i broke up with a taurus guy i had an amazing connection with because i felt like he was blatantly ignoring me were both busy and stressed and at first i thought he was distancing himself from me
cant stop my kinda hoe-ishhh issues, sucks to b me
as a taurus with a diiiick dat can make anyone say fuucckkk them infinity stones the avengers can have dat shiiit cuz a tauurus diiiick is snaps on snaps on snaps which also is recorded in biblical studies like art history dat the great pyramids was a
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how do you stop yourself from falling for someone im talking about that infatuation stage how do you control it my mind is clouded
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hi guys im aquarius ive dated this taurus girl for 18months now were actually serious but recently she has been behaving funny in ways i dont understand i work from 8am to 6pm most days so there is little chance for us to see frequently on week day
Umm where is
thefalange did he delete
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met a guy last summer initially we were compatible both emotionally and physically felt like we d know each other our whole lives he had just gotten out of a relationship 6 months prior at the time we met so we decided to continue to see each other an
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Let me help you, I don’t want to but it’s cool.
as a taurus amp my time bendin diiick as well as the wet dreams of all female zodiac signs across the universe includin star wars star trek or a star dyin then explodin cuz of a taurus diickk noted by all the great scholars winnin nobel prizes
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hello a good friend of mine told me to log on here to get some insight on the astrological side some facts my husband and i met in high school we were together and then broke up and got back together i got pregnant at 18 and he decided he wanted to