virgo and sagittarius

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  • What is the progressed birth chart supposed to represent?

    I was born with my: Sun: Leo Moon: Sagittarius Mercury: Leo Venus: Virgo Mars: Gemini But then this "progressed" chart now says that I have: My sun in Virgo Moon in Scorpio Mercury in Leo Venus in Libra Mars in Gemini My mercury and mars stayed the sa
  • warn me about sagittarius?

    his ex is a gemini probably a better match than Aries but whatever. he's sagittarius sun, virgo moon, taurus rising, sagittarius mercury, Aquarius Venus, cancer mars

    he’s sagittarius sun virgo moon taurus rising sagittarius mercury aquarius venus cancer mars jupiter libra saturn aquarius uranus capricorn neptune capricorn (dec 15, 1992 2:38 pm chesapeake, virginia) I’m aries sun libra moon libra rising aries mercury

    he’s sagittarius sun virgo moon taurus rising sagittarius mercury aquarius venus cancer mars jupiter libra saturn aquarius uranus capricorn neptune capricorn (dec 15, 1992 2:38 pm chesapeake, virginia) I’m aries sun libra moon libra rising aries mercury
  • Ok Virgos, who would you rather date?

    Choose one opposite sign from each category that you would prefer to date over the other. Aries or Libra? Taurus or Scorpio? Gemini or Sagittarius? Cancer or Capricorn? Leo or Aquarius? Virgo or Pisces?

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  • SpaceBird
    Zodiac : Tropical Placidus Orb : 0
    Sun Aquarius 16°56' Ascendant Libra 6°53'
    Moon Leo 4°54' II Scorpio 3°25'
    Mercury Pisces 4°35' III Sagittarius 4°11'
    Venus Capricorn 26°53' R IV Capricorn 8°00'
    Mars Taurus 18°39' V Aquarius 11°31'
    Jupiter Aquarius 22°46' VI Pisces 11°31'
    Saturn Gemini 28°13' R VII Aries 6°53'
    Uranus Libra 27°45' R VIII Taurus 3°25'
    Neptune Sagittarius 9°18' IX Gemini 4°11'
    Pluto Libra 6°37' R Midheaven Cancer 8°00'
    Lilith Capricorn 19°26' XI Leo 11°31'
    Asc node Sagittarius 27°30' XII Virgo 11°31'
  • dewiklaessen26
    26 years old female
    Posted by Ariqua
    Can you post your aspects from astrotheme?

    sure i'm the inner he's the outer one

    Mars Conjunction Jupiter Orb 0°33'
    MC Conjunction Neptune Orb 2°23'
    Chiron Conjunction Sun Orb 3°44'
    Node Conjunction Pluto Orb 4°02'
    Venus Conjunction Pluto Orb 5°29'
    Uranus Conjunction Saturn Orb 5°47'
    Mars Conjunction Mercury Orb 5°57'
    MC Conjunction Uranus Orb 6°34'
    Neptune Conjunction Neptune Orb 8°03'
    Jupiter Conjunction AS Orb 8°24'
    Neptune Conjunction Saturn Orb 8°25'
    Sun Conjunction Moon Orb 8°29'
    Mercury Conjunction Moon Orb 10°57
    Saturn Opposite Mercury Orb 0°12'
    Saturn Opposite Jupiter Orb 6°17'
    Moon Opposite Uranus Orb 8°24'
    Lilith Square Jupiter Orb 0°28'
    Jupiter Square Jupiter Orb 1°15'
    Pluto Square Jupiter Orb 1°38'
    Saturn Square AS Orb 3°21'
    Sun Square Sun Orb 4°12'
    Jupiter Square Mercury Orb 5°15'
    AS Square Saturn Orb 5°36'
    Mercury Square Sun Orb 6°41'
    Neptune Trine Sun Orb 0°06'
    Lilith Trine Saturn Orb 0°39'
    AS Trine Mercury Orb 1°05'
    Mercury Trine Jupiter Orb 1°49'
    Uranus Trine Sun Orb 2°32'
    AS Trine Uranus Orb 3°43'
    Sun Trine Jupiter Orb 4°18'
    Sun Trine Venus Orb 5°17'
    AS Trine Jupiter Orb 5°25'
    MC Trine Sun Orb 5°45'
    Node Sextile Neptune Orb 0°09'
    Moon Sextile Jupiter Orb 0°44'
    Venus Sextile Neptune Orb 1°17'
    Jupiter Sextile Saturn Orb 1°26'
    Pluto Sextile Saturn Orb 1°26'
    MC Sextile Pluto Orb 1°47'
    Saturn Sextile Uranus Orb 2°50'
    Venus Sextile Uranus Orb 2°53'
    Neptune Sextile Pluto Orb 3°51'
    Node Sextile Uranus Orb 4°20'
    Mars Inconjunction Saturn Orb 0°44'
    Moon Inconjunction Saturn Orb 0°55'
    Neptune Inconjunction Venus Orb 0°59'
    Pluto SemiSquare Neptune Orb 0°02'
    Uranus SemiSquare AS Orb 0°38'
    Neptune SesquiQuadrate Mercury Orb 0°07'
    MC SesquiQuadrate Jupiter Orb 0°43'
    AS SesquiQuadrate Sun Orb 1°04'
    Moon SesquiQuadrate Pluto Orb 1°47'
    Venus Quintile Jupiter Orb 0°02'
    Uranus BiQuintile Jupiter Orb 0°01'
    MC SemiSextile Moon Orb 1°29'

    Inner Theme

    Positions of Planets
    Sun 22°11' Virgo
    Moon 17°54' Sagittarius
    Mercury 7°12' Virgo
    Venus 21°06' Leo
    Mars 9°14' Libra
    Jupiter 0°42' Virgo
    Saturn 0°30' Aquarius
    Uranus 9°51' Capricorn
    Neptune 14°01' Capricorn
    Pluto 18°13' Scorpio
    Chiron 6°06' Leo
    Ceres 14°16' Scorpio
    Pallas 19°48' Libra
    Juno 15°58' Capricorn
    Vesta 16°44' Leo
    Node 16°35' Capricorn
    Lilith 14°54' Capricorn
    Fortune 6°05' Pisces
    AS 10°21' Sagittarius
    MC 10°00' Libra

    Positions of Houses
    House 1 10°21' Sagittarius
    House 2 17°04' Capricorn
    House 3 2°46' Pisces
    House 4 10°00' Aries
    House 5 5°42' Taurus
    House 6 24°35' Taurus
    House 7 10°21' Gemini
    House 8 17°04' Cancer
    House 9 2°46' Virgo
    House 10 10°00' Libra
    House 11 5°42' Scorpio
    House 12 24°35' Scorpio

    Outer Theme

    Positions of Planets
    Sun 26°23' Sagittarius
    Moon 1°26' Cancer
    Mercury 28°52' Sagittarius
    Venus 12°44' Scorpio
    Mars 1°15' Virgo
    Jupiter 1°57' Sagittarius
    Saturn 7°00' Pisces
    Uranus 24°43' Capricorn
    Neptune 22°05' Capricorn
    Pluto 29°03' Scorpio
    Chiron 25°56' Virgo
    Ceres 20°18' Leo
    Pallas 6°05' Taurus
    Juno 6°15' Sagittarius
    Vesta 4°45' Cancer
    Node 14°11' Scorpio
    Lilith 1°10' Gemini
    Fortune 11°09' Scorpio
    AS 6°07' Taurus
    MC 16°25' Capricorn

    Positions of Houses
    House 1 6°07' Taurus
    House 2 7°29' Gemini
    House 3 27°53' Gemini
    House 4 16°25' Cancer
    House 5 8°00' Leo
    House 6 10°24' Virgo
    House 7 6°07' Scorpio
    House 8 7°29' Sagittarius
    House 9 27°53' Sagittarius
    House 10 16°25' Capricorn
    House 11 8°00' Aquarius
    House 12 10°24' Pisces

  • I think her virgo sun is very different from your sagittarius sun, they say sag forgive, but we don’t really forgive or forget... it’s weird (:

    Posted by LadyNeptune
    But did he for sure for sure cheat? I thought that was just a rumor they capitalized on for album sales...

    He cheated with Rita ora

    And yes, he cheated more than once
  • [0] Aries
    [0] Taurus
    [0] Gemini
    [0] Cancer
    [0] Leo
    [2] Virgo
    [1] Libra
    [0] Scorpios
    [1] Sagittarius
    [0] Capricorn
    [0] Aquarius
    [1] Pisces

    I'm a Libra. If you were to count flings, add 1 to Taurus and Leo, and 2-3 to Aqua (does a 1NS count?).

    Like over half the girls I've been interested in in my life have been Virgos (I'm a Virgo moon). But they're not easy to lock down or deal with. Aqua girls seem to follow me around though. They're fun but rarely dating material
  • 1. Sagittarius - currently seeing a Sag girl. Her energy balances my Libra energy so well. She pushes me to get out of my box and I help her chill out. The only downside is that she's not as giving/selfless (at least by Libra standards -- I also have Virgo in my chart) as some other signs. But we can talk all day and we give each other space too.

    2. Aries - never officially dated one, but have "talked to" several. Aries in theory are one of my least favorite signs, but I've had lots of positive experiences over the past few years with them, especially if their charts have some more mellow aspects. Both Libra and Aries have a silly/childish side that's fun to connect on.

    3. Leo - I can't. They're way too much, especially to date. One Leo placement (i.e. Mars/Venus etc) is exhausting, a Leo sun is too much. I get that they have some big positives, but the "me me me" attitude is a deal-breaker for me. And the constant/obvious attention grabs when someone else is briefly the center of attention in public.

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