virgo and sagittarius

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    27% of the world has homicidal tendencies... the rest are just victims
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    27% of the world has homicidal tendencies... the rest are just victims
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    27% of the world has homicidal tendencies... the rest are just victims
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    27% of the world has homicidal tendencies... the rest are just victims
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  • dewiklaessen26
    26 years old female
    Posted by BillieJean
    Posted by dewiklaessen26
    Posted by BillieJean
    Posted by SpaceBird
    I know you will all say cancer..

    Don't be offended i think virgo libra and also aquas

    Not Cancer. The Cancers (and Cancer moons) I know are quite blunt. They tell you how they feel and what they think of you.

    well my boyfriend has a cancer moon and i can tell you that he has a hard time being straightforward not a sagg at all that is always the issues with me and him

    Hmm 🤔 Whats his mercury and mars?
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    Mercury in sagittarius in the 9th house i also have mercury in the 9th house but in virgo he has his mars in virgo in the 5th house and i have my mars in libra in the 9th house
  • Endless
    Sun: Leo - Moon: Capricorn
    my virgo venus isn't supposed to be aspected with my cappy uranus, but the description of the trine do fit me :S here it goes

    "The ability to get along with–and accept–people from all walks of life as friends is strong with this position"
    tolerance, cordiality and discipline 🙏

    "These people can readily see through insincerity in others"
    well I thought it was cuz experience but whatever

    "In relationships, tolerance is the most important “ingredient” to these people"

    "Their sexual preferences are somewhat unconventional, and they won’t be happy with a partner who tries to limit their sexual expression"
    I was bi until high school, I still fantasize with women but in love I rather guys, so that makes me gay?
    in sex imma lick every spot in the others body, nothing is forbidden, and no take backs!

    "They are usually quite capable of maintaining relationships that require a great deal of freedom and tolerance, such as long-distance romances or set-ups in which partners are unable to see each other consistently"
    true, ldr are so simple Big Grin Idk what's the deal with people that can't make them work

    "Their style in love is somewhat free and breezy, and noncommittal."
    I like commitment, it just, not supposed to be a total limitation

    "They quite naturally accept the idea that their partner might need some personal space and freedom"
    never happenedLaughing but the fact that my virgo venus usually aspect my generations pluto in scorpio or the next, pluto in sagittarius is probably the reason. 😅
  • Cancan26
    in the name of the moon cookiemonster this is a stick up...
    Posted by DMV
    What aspects and or placements are in f as favor of this

    Im not sure myself ...upon research ...this is what Ive found do you agree with this? do you have any of these placements/aspects


    Intuitively ‘knowing’ things about people, places and things as if the information was already present within the mind. Sudden bursts of information, understanding and revelations.

    Pluto 1st
    Uranus 1st
    Uranus in aspect to mercury
    Uranus aspecting sun, moon, mercury from the 12th or 8th house
    Mercury in aspact to pluto
    Jupiter 3rd (well aspected)
    Mercury in aspect to neptune
    Sagittarius moon/sun/rising/mercury (enhanced by aspects to out planets)
    Moon/Jupiter aspects (enhanced by aspects to outer planets)
    South node in 9th in air/fire/water
    Heavy 9th/11th house
    Note: There may also be more aspects as psychic indicators, though due to the limited number of sources, these were the most clear to identify.

    Planetary placements, houses and aspects that are important to psychic ability.

    NEPTUNE/PISCES/12th HOUSE: These are often the most obvious in regards to connection to spirit and psychic ability. Reason being is that Neptune naturally ruling the 12th house, it blurs the boundaries between the physical ‘reality’ of the 6th house, into the realm of spirit.

    Neptune’s watery energy is hypersensitive, allowing the recognition for subtle vibrations to be identified by the body and the 5 senses (12th house sextile the 2nd house/ Pisces sextile Taurus), though we often have a difficult time BELIEVING the psychic information we receive (12th house square the 9th/ Pisces square Sagittarius) because it doesn’t seem logical or rational (12 house square the 3rd house/Pisces square gemini) and therefore psychic information doesn’t seem tangible (12th opposite 6th/ Pisces opposite virgo).

    Neptune is essentially our auric field, our astral body and etherial energy, and the health of this body is reflected by the health of our physical body (6th/Virgo/Ceres - or mercury if you use traditional rulers).

    To have Neptune in preferably an easy aspect to other planets in the natal chart such as the moon (which is highly receptive and intuitive), the sun (identifying with the realms of the spiritual worlds) and especially mercury (our mind, how we communicate) is quite often seen in the charts of well balanced and strong intuitives. Neptune in easy aspect to Mars shows that one is able to take action based on intuitive guidance.

    To have harder aspects to the personal planets from Neptune can also indicate strong spiritual connection to spirit, however this may at times be to the degree of being overwhelmed, becoming ungrounded easily or becoming confused due to having difficulty discriminating between whats imagined and what is true psychic information.

    MERCURY/3rd HOUSE/GEMINI: “Mercury…psychic? You’re kidding right?…” Nope! Absolutely not, in fact, from what I’ve uncovered, mercury, the 3rd house and gemini are a crucial part to psychic ability, and even more so for readers.

    Reason being…psychic ability is a form of COMMUNICATION

    Essentially when you see a psychic reader or even connect with spirit yourself, you or the reader is communicating! Having receptive planets in the 3rd house, in aspect to the 3rd house ruler or mercury, or gemini on the 8th/12th can give an individual the ability to clearly communicate with spirit.

    The most common aspect I have seen in the charts of clairvoyants is Mercury Trine (or sextile) Neptune, which is quite important if you need to clearly and affectively relay messages from spirits or what you ‘see’, ‘feel’, ‘hear’ or ‘know’ to someone you’re reading for, or when reading for yourself.

    Often our strongest clair comes from the method in which we best LEARN and understand INFORMATION. It is quite possible for an individual to have a highly intuitive chart, though if mercury is poorly aspected, the individual may often disregard psychic information or it may go un-noticed all together.

    Hence why when it comes to enhancing psychic ability, meditation is often encouraged to ‘still the mind and listen’ as mercury is the gateway in which we convert messages from spirit into information - hence why this is so difficult for most people as it is a highly un-natural thing to do. This is why Pisces forms a square aspect to Gemini - they really don’t understand each other! But in training the mind to calm down, we can become receptive to the messages and information we receive from ethereal sources (Hence why I have also written a post to make squares work, as it can be done to create profound changes - link here:

    PLUTO/8th HOUSE/SCORPIO: Another recognised highly intuitive sign/house/planet. These astrological placements are all about kundalini, raw spiritual energy, mergence with another, and ‘sharing’. In regards to psychic ability, those with (preferably easy) aspects from Pluto to the Sun, moon, mercury and even mars, can truly dive deep into ones subconscious mind through shamanic spiritual connection.

    When I think of Pluto, I see an image of a transformative Sharman, who has a very dark and etherial aura, who sits in silences as their glair right through your physical body into the dark corners of your mind. You feel exposed, but locked into place as you feel as if your body has solidified. Caught in the Sharman’s gaze, and they say - “I know you, all of you, the real you” - and with that, flashes of past traumas, self limiting beliefs and fears all seem to purge from you all at once. You’re in tears, shaking, and crying, though this great sense of purging brings you an immense sense of relief. You sit down, and feel as though you are now of pure light. All that was blocking you previously has seemingly been reaped from you from the powerful transformative energy of the Sharman.

    This is the power of Pluto.

    We obsess with Pluto because Pluto is obsessed with us. It wants us to let go of what no longer serves us, and so does spirit.

    The 8th house is the gateway in your chart between you and your body (opposite the 2nd) and that of spirit and the deceased. The 8th house holds the energies in which is transmuted to our psychic tools. Tarot cards, pendulums and other divination systems are simply another more than a 2nd house/Taurian object - but when embedded with the energies of spirit, they become a powerful gateway between our world an theirs.

    Those with strong Pluto/scorpio energies are the souls to have a reading from in times of self limitation and stagnation that is blocking you from getting where they want to go. These people due to their raw energy aren’t always gentle - but they are very real, and very authentic. These people make great reiki and energy healers, as well as psychic readers that can deeply get to the deep rooted core of your issues.

    MOON/4th HOUSE/CANCER: It is quite clear that the water signs, houses and planets play an important role when it comes to psychic ability, as these all have a particular ability to receive information from spirit from heightened sensitivity.

    The Moon on the other hand, plays an important role to the receptivity of psychic information in the form of emotional responses. The moon will be quite literally our ‘gut feelings’. Our emotional responses are not always stimulated from the basis of the external environment, but is most commonly a response to ‘thoughts’ - hence why if you’ve ever heard about the moon ruling ‘the mind’ in other astrological posts, this is why. When we think a thought about something, usually of a PAST experience (moon ruled), it is stimulated by an emotional response. Hence why guided meditations are fantastic for people with strong moon placements, as they are quite receptive to the thought provocations given by the meditation guide.

    To be able to receive thought from other people and spirit is the ability to connect with the emotional energies another person is projecting. Cancerians can pick up the underlying emotions of another, and a greatly stimulated by instinctual reactions to their environment.

    There’s a much more deeper understanding to the moon when it comes to psychic information. One things to understand is that our moon sign, house and aspects are our subconscious programming. You may like to research personal paradigms by Bob Proctor and Esther Hicks (and also the moon plays a core role in our natural instinct and responses). These individuals are teachers of the Law of Attraction, and have mastered the understand of how changing ones paradigm (emotional state through thoughts) can assist you in manifestation (let me know if you’d like a post about the Law of attraction and Astrology!).

    Because the moon indicates our primitive nature on the basis of self care, nurture and instinctual reactions, the condition of our moon will indicate how well we receive intuitive information and utilise it. Raising ones vibration in oder to meet with spirit is an act of greatly enhancing, calming and relaxing the emotional state (moon) and the mind (mercury) in order to receive information.

    Once well practiced in the art of calming the mind and raising ones vibration, an individual can then easily tune into spirit quite easily, and without much effort. Those with Moon in (preferably easy) aspect to Uranus, Neptune or Pluto will greatly indicate someone who can easily tap into the spirit realm or receive intuitive information.

    Uranus to the moon will indicate more of a claircognisent form of obtaining information, as these intuitive hits will strike the individual like lightening out of no where, and sudden downloads of information may be quite prominent.

    Neptune to the moon is very, very, VERY sensitive to others and spirit. They may get much guidance (and even care and nurture) from spiritual
  • Scruffles
    idk about dating but if you want a clean break-up with a man from each sign....

    Aries - Let him see you with another man. The neanderthal won't understand spoken language.
    Taurus - Stop cooking for him and tell him you're getting rid of your couch.
    Gemini - Tell him you want to get married and have kids.
    Cancer - Tell him you don't like his mom.
    Leo - Hide all your mirrors.
    Virgo - Rip up his to-do lists and make your floor your new hamper.
    Libra - Be honest. He'll just quietly go back to his wife.
    Scorpio - Withhold sex.
    Sagittarius - Buy him a one-way ticket anywhere he wants to go. He won't come back.
    Capricorn - Don't break up with him. Marry him and get half his earnings when you file for divorce.
    Aquarius - Be honest. You were just his FWB at best anyway.
    Pisces - Flush his drugs down the toilet.
  • pisceswoman123
    🌞Aquafish 🌕Taurus ❤️ Aries ASC Virgo
    Posted by ValleysofNeptune
    Posted by AerialView
    Posted by ValleysofNeptune
    Question for y'all who who know more about soccer/football than me. Who is the best Pisces player? 🤔 In this tournament, overall, of all of time, whatever. I see @Palerio posted the Pisces squad which is cool

    With the trash US team not in this tournament (thanks Trinidad and Tobago 😂😂) I don't really have a strong rooting interest in this World Cup, so maybe I'll just root for my Pisces bros lol

    Looking at the names given by palerio, I say Pisces team is sucks lol

    Griezmann and Pogba (Both France) are the only players I like.

    Yea, Pisces seem to be pretty mediocre in most sports tbh :/ Like there's obviously good players just not as much as other signs. Fire signs seem to dominate sports. But occasionally you see some great Pisces who dominate. Floyd Mayweather, Steph Curry, so on and so forth
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    the most predominant zodiac sign of athletes on this year’s Olympic team is Pisces, the fish, with 13 out of the 49 athletes falling into that category. That’s poetic.
    By Zodiac Sign:
    Capricorn 2
    Aquarius 3
    Pisces 13
    Aries 3
    taurus 4
    Gemini 2
    Cancer 5
    Leo 4
    Virgo 1
    Libra 4
    Scorpio 6
    Sagittarius 2
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